The Nigerian culture and lifestyle have been able to program her society's characters, priorities and values. Like every other woman, there are things that are irreplaceable and this applies to the Nigerian woman. Below are some facts about things Nigerian women can't do without.


Of course "Money". I don't know of a person who will choose poverty over riches if you do, please let me know in the comment section below. Nigerian (women, ladies, girls), does not play when it comes to cash "Ego", "Kudi" "Owo" (they know what I mean). Some of these women are selfish, all they think about is to grab from any available purse while others need funds to keep up with the demands of life.  A big shout out to my strong, vibrant and hardworking Nigerian women, in the same vein I greet the capable men who are meeting the needs of their women, I can tell it is not an easy thing to do.


Not every Nigerian woman falls into this category but a very large percentage does. No matter the weather, occasion or circumstances a Nigeria woman will have her makeup onJust to let you know, a  good amount of funds goes into purchasing quality makeups.


A juicy gist will always attract women and there is no exception, Nigerian women are always involved in gossips knowingly and Unknowingly. Now we are able to hook up with LIB and Nairaland which has made gossips easier.


If you happen to find yourself in the mind of a Nigerian woman, her fancy wedding should probably be ranked around NO.1,2, or 3. Every woman wants a fancy wedding and Nigerian women can't  wait to see their wedding dreams being actualized, from her dress to the ring, the Aso-Ebi, her dance and so on....


You might be wondering what kind of recharge card, not to worry its simply PHONE RECHARGE CARD. Nigerian women are very able to buy airtime for themselves but most often, they ask for recharge cards from people they are involved with. You hear things like

"Send me credit"
"I don't have airtime"
"Can you send me recharge card?"


You hardly find a Nigerian woman rocking her natural hair, there must be something attached to it. That's why the weaves and relaxer manufacturers in Nigeria are billionaire. No matter how hot or cold the weather is, a weaves, extension or wig must be attached to her hair.


Nigerian women are crazy over new or latest gadgets, especially Phones and Phone Accessories. Every girl or woman feels at the top of her game when she is able to flaunt her latest iPhone, Samsung S series, selfie stick or Laptops.  


In as much as other Nigerian women pushes this fault to the Yoruba women, I would love to say "all Nigerian women" are guilty of this. An average Nigerian woman wants to be seen, want to be admired, want to be appreciated, coupled with free food and a party is where these are most attainable. 

Even the women that parties occasionally like the vibes but I seriously can't tell why most of them lie about it. 


The Nigerian Girls loves high heels shoes and I most tell, they look good on them but the strange thing is that they wear them majorly on Sunday to church or within their working premises. You hardly find a Nigerian girl on heels without slippers or flat sandal in her bag. Ummm..... why? 😕😕


Nigerian women always want their men to stand out and look his best at all times. In most cases, the men asks for there woman's opinion on his dress code, while younger girls drop their guards to good looking and presentable men.


Same as the people around the world, Nigerian women love social media. You see young girls  having a phone chat, taking selfies or face timing while taking a walk, while eating, while working, even in Church. Nawa ooo

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