Nigerian men share the same characteristics with other men around the world but are clinched to their culture and traditions, be it favorable or not. 

An average Nigerian man is expected to take care of the family in all financial aspects and act as the head of the family he is addressed as. 

Below are some random facts about Nigerian men you don't know.


Every Nigerian Man is expected to be at the top of his game when it comes to handling his personal responsibilities.

This entails paying bills and taking care of his family etc. 

In most cases, it is the sole responsibility of Nigerian men to be the breadwinner of his family.

The society requires them to work extremely hard to meet up with there family and personal demands.


Nigerian men are blessed with good looks. 

They are appreciated both at home and abroad, and the good news is that they are not shy to flaunt it. 


Nigerian men are filled with pride.

This could come from understanding who they are. Or from the pedestal, the Nigerian community has placed men.

I find it hard to admit that this is a useful attribute, but some times knowing who you are can help you live confidently.

On the other hand, if left unchecked could turn out to be narcissistic.

You hardly find any Nigerian man cook for his family or engage in any house chores because they feel it's a woman's job, and it's humiliating to them. They never want to picture their wives ahead, they go all out to make sure such an occurrence never happens.


Violence is something the world struggles with, and hopefully, we will overcome the wickedness and angry in the heart of men.

This brings me to say that, quite several Nigerian men are very violent.

In most cases, they show their boxing talents on the weaker vessels (the women) and children.

It is somewhat hard to speak of these because it is sad and heartbreaking.

The Nigerian society, which pays little to no mind to this issue contributes to the high rate of women and child abuse.

My prayer is that Nigeria will grow to a point where women and abuse victims are not shamed but helped. 


Nigerian men are not known for being faithful, which like a tradition. 

There is little to no shame or remorse for the act (cheating).

Sometime side-chicks (concubine) are known by the woman of the house (wife).

Family and friends are strangers to the concubine in some cases.

Worst case scenario, the man could marry a concubine. This is why we have quite a lot of monogamous families.

You don't want to know what a woman in the same scenario will go through if she gets caught.

Let's just say, "Nigerian men cheat with pride." I don't really know if their conscience in place, but I sure believe this is the reason stalk their wives, girlfriends, or daughters.


It is unfair to say that this attribute is irritating, but the toxicity, demand, pressure this reality comes with can not be hidden.

Very few Nigerian men stand up for themselves when their parent brings unpleasantness to them.  If you know a man like that, please cherish him.

For most Nigerian men, the decision of their parents is very much respected, which is a good thing.

However, very few men are capable of prioritizing their own desire and communicating that effectively.

For instance, don't be surprised when you are dating a Nigerian guy with the hopes of getting married one day, and all of a sudden, you are told it is over. Why? "Because my parents don't like you."

This might sound like a line a guy could use to get rid of a lady, but in this case, it is not.

For most Nigerian guys, it is a valid reason to call a relationship.

Family is a central decision-maker in a Nigerian man's life. 

Some families go as far as asking their sons to divorce their wives, beat her, or marry another wife.

This is why I cringe when I hear families call their daughter in law, "our wife."

Hold up, wait a minute, how many people are you married to? 

In my books, marriage is between men and women. Not between the entire family of the man and a woman.

This is why some girls feel like they have won a jackpot when they are accepted by the husband's family. Not me, though.


A good majority of Nigerian men love their nightlife.

No wonder the brewery business is one of the most successful in Nigeria. 

After the day's work, all bars in Nigeria get filled to the brim with different cannibal of men downloading bottles of alcohol with no caution. 

They can tour more than three bars within the night and go home when they want.

This is where they tend to meet up with ladies who are out to drain their pockets.

I can attest to this because I have worked as a bartender. So I am speaking facts.


Cooking, cleaning, and helping around the house is not a thing you will find a Nigerian man doing.

Regardless of if he is capable or not, he does not see helping around the house as a man's duty.

I believe, this stems from the fact the most families idolize their male child. 

Often they are not taught to assist in the house. The females are groomed to handle all housekeeping activities.


Every Nigerian man wants his respect! You better not play with his "respect"

Especially, the married men. They literally ask for their respect like it's their birthright.

A Nigerian man can start a fight because he is being disrespected.

This can be good and bad at the same time.

In most case, it comes off as bad especially when it is done the wrong way,

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