Nigerian men share same characteristics with other men around the world but are clinched to their culture and traditions be it favourable or not. An average Nigerian man is expected to take care of the family in all financial aspect and act as the head of the family he is addressed as. Below are some random facts about Nigerian men you don't know.


Every Nigerian Man is expected to be at the top of his game when it comes to handling his personal responsibilities, which entails paying bills and taking care of his family etc. The society requires of them to work extremely hard to meet up with there family and personal demands.


Nigerian men are blessed with good looks, which are appreciated both at home and abroad and the good news is that they flaunt it, carrying themselves like a million dollars.


Nigerian men are filled with pride, even if they have nothing, they will never do things that make them feel less of a man.
You hardly find any Nigerian man cook for his family or engage in any house chores because they feel it's a woman's job and it's humiliating to them. They never want to picture their wives ahead, they go all out to make sure such occurrence never happens.


Quite a number of Nigerian men are very violent and most times prefer to show their boxing talents on the weaker vessels (the women). They are very able to abuse their wives and this is so rampant that the society now sees it as a way of life and does almost nothing about it. 


Nigerian men are not known for being faithful, which is now a tradition. They no longer feel remorse to advertise their side-chicks to their wife, family and friends. Men in Nigeria cheats and get away with it but if the same scenario plays out on the side of the woman the penalty is unthinkable. Let's say "Nigerian men cheats with pride". I don't really know if their conscience hurts maybe that's why the stalk their wives, girlfriends or daughters.


If you're dating a Nigerian guy and planning marriage, don't get comfortable till you meet his parents or family and this is because their family is a major decision maker in their lives. If the family of your Nigerian husband or boyfriend doesn't like you, please end the relationship yourself. Sometimes they get a wife for their son and any other girl or woman is a counterfeit, in some cases it goes as far as deciding how his home will be managed. 


70% of men in Nigeria are crazy for alcohol, no wonder brewery business is one of the most successful in Nigeria. After the day's work, all bars in Nigeria get filled to the brim with different cannibal of men downloading bottles of alcohol with no caution. It is possible for them to tour more than three bars within the night and go home when they want.

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