In the event that you didn't have an inkling, Nigeria has a large number of beautiful black women.  Women from Nigeria are not excessively different in relation to women from other parts of the world. As I always say, we are homogeneous in nature. Of course, the difference in culture, exposure and lifestyle are a great influence in our way of life. With that being said, you will be learning some unique things about Nigerian women. 


When It comes to Nigerian women, endowments are not limited to the physical. It can also be associated with some abstract features. Nigerian women have a heart of gold,  they have a gem inside them that makes them lovely to all, and they are exceptionally likeable individuals. They likewise have incredible physical highlights that make them verifiably wonderful; an average Nigerian woman is a blend of a pretty face, killer bends with cerebrums.


A good population of Nigerian women are Prayer Warriors. This is on account that religion is an exceptionally essential piece of any Nigerian's life, be it Christianity, Islam or something else. Regardless of how basic or convoluted an issue is, be sure to find them engaging their beliefs.

Religion being a noteworthy piece of their life influences each choice they make be it Marriage, Work, School or Family life. Try not to be stunned when you request a Nigerian lady's hand in marriage and she says; "I will hit you up after I get notification from God". Lolz, I am simply joking, however, Nigerian women are very spiritual and they hold firm to their faith.


If you are one who likes eating out, your life will change after an involvement with a Nigerian woman.  Nigerian women are programmed to take the responsibility of preparing the meal for her family with the exception of special events. Cooking is a noteworthy piece of a Nigerian woman's life. Shockingly, in Nigerian men deny themselves from eating food made by their significant other's just to show that they are mad at something. In the same vein, a Nigerian woman feels like there is a bother if her significant other quits eating the food she has made. At times, Nigerian women confront their partners for not eating the meal they have made. I am not clowning; not eating a Nigerian woman's food can get your relationship in trouble.

Over 80% of Nigerian women are incredibly dynamic in the kitchen and this trademark is a direct result of how they are been raised. It is asked for of each female child to stay in the kitchen with their mother when she cooks, with the end goal to set her up for her very own family. Thus, you can see that cooking and supporting the family is a noteworthy bit of a Nigerian woman's life.


Most Nigerian women are mindful of themselves. They are always in the business of shielding the name of there family from being disgraced. There are a lot of factors that go into addressing one as decent. Majorly, it is based on the fact of what we see or know about other individuals. I can't state that every single Nigerian woman is decent. For this reason; I will be speaking with reference to what I have seen and learnt as one who experienced childhood in Nigeria.

Showing youngsters the best approach to life is a notable character in the Nigerian family. Guardians contribute their time developing their kids in a manner which they seem is right with the expectation that they obey and live by those tenets.

In this present reality where it is hard to keep away from the weight of the general public, Nigerian women have made due in creating a wall of decency around themselves. Every child born into a Nigerian Family has 80% influence from their parents which makes it very difficult for them to misbehave.  Trust me when I say Nigerian parents don't joke. The firmness of the family makes the youngsters live and act dependably. You barely find a Nigerian lady nitpicking her spouse, disrespecting her elders or talking back at her parents.

This characteristic is something you will dependably discover reflecting in the life of  Nigerian women regardless of the distinction in their personality. Try not to be stunned When you approach a Nigerian young lady to be involved with you and she answers with; 'I'm seeing someone.' Regardless of whether they like you, they simply need to release you for the sake of the relationship they are into.

Obviously, there are some who will seize any person who asks them out, yet a decent number of Nigerian ladies are dedicated. On the off chance that you have a Nigerian lady cherishing up on you, you better treat her right.


A typical Nigerian lady is constantly about her family. A family in the core of Nigerian women compromises of her significant other, her children, her parents and her siblings. These individuals are irreplaceable in her life and she will do anything within her capacity to ensure that they are well taken care of. So don't think that it's unusual when you find a Nigerian lady support her siblings in school or send allowances to her parents consistently.


The mindset that men are the leaders of the family and his words are not questionable is at its most extreme in Nigeria. Women find themselves in abusive relationships and society urges them to abide in such a domain as women are been shamed for not remaining in their family. It's just in Nigeria I hear women say "I'm remaining with him because of my children".

A decent number of Nigerian women ends their relationship in view of this issue. I have seen men regard their spouses or girlfriends like trash. Interestingly, nobody is truly battling against the maltreatment of women and children in Nigeria. I feel like the administration talks and guarantees that there will be a change. So far I have not seen or heard about a change. If you ask me, I will say a change will not come until Nigerian women choose to fight against this evil act.


With the instance of maltreatment of the way; Nigerian women are extremely innovative, industrious, and strong. On the off chance that this is your first time learning of Nigeria, it is important to mention that Nigeria is a developing country. Sometimes things could be really hard. It is easy to discover individuals living in mind-boggling circumstances. A Nigeria woman will be fortunate on the off chance that she has a dependable, responsible, and hardworking spouse who knows his duties. In the event that this isn't her case, be sure to find Nigerian women struggling to see that her family get fed and her youngster goes to school.

Nigerian women who wind up in unfavourable situations buckles down to keep up with the family's demands. It is possible to find Nigerian women doing humiliating jobs, working extra time or involving in more than one petty trades to make a living.

Nigerian women are wonderful and amazing. Don't be surprised if you find working-class Nigerian women who do all necessary chores, take the children to school before thinking of going to the office and be reminded she doesn't have an excuse to resume at her workplace late. 


You will discover another variant of Nigerian women on the off chance that they have a trustworthy, mindful, and dedicated mate. Trust me, they can truly be a spoilt baby. Nigerian women expect that their spouse gives them essentially everything. They feel like it is his duties especially when he is working and earning some coins.

Aside from the fact that they consider it to be proof of a man that cares, the society also uses this factor as a yardstick to measure how responsible a man is.  They will be like " show me your wife and your children and I will know if you deserve my respect".

For Nigerian women, a little goes a long way and this is so stunning. Nigerian women are equipped for making something out of nothing. Regardless of how much or little there recompense is, they have a method for making it work. An average Nigerian woman, Nigerian woman loves good things and don't want to be deprived of anything that makes them happy. Get ready to spend your coins.

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