A woman's hair is often described as her beauty, glory, and pride but most women have lost this reality in their quest for finding the latest artificial hair (weaves, Extensions, and wigs). Most women rock their weaves unconditionally with pride and boldness, which I totally support. With Criticisms flying here and there about women who have chosen to patronize the artificial hair market, I  would love to give my take on this without judging the choices you've made either intentionally or as a result of the situation you find yourselves, the most important is being your own kind of beautiful.  Below are some negative things (disadvantages) I experienced when artificial hairs were my holy grail.


When I was still into artificial hair, I discovered I had lots of hair damage, starting with my edges that kept on breaking, to my long hair falling off.  I didn't have time to take care of my natural hair because I was so focused on using the latest artificial hair. The best love I gave to my natural hair was relaxing and washing it, which I believe is the story of most women.


When I was still into experimenting with all kinds of weaves, I discovered they don't give me a long time satisfaction and this was because the feeling I got when I have my freshly made braids is different from what I had when it's two weeks old. I will always find it necessary to change that look either because I am bored with it or because it no longer appeals to me.

This is also another struggle I think women always have to deal with when it comes to artificial hair.


With great conviction I can tell that most women can relate to the great discomfort that comes with having artificial hair, especially when you have a freshly made hair, you are been exposed to all kinds of aches, white bumps as a result of too-tight braids, itching as a result of too old weaves and heat from wigs. " My people, the struggles are real".


It is important to mention that artificial hairs cost quite a lot to purchase and maintain, it also varies depending on the quality you tend to go for (Synthetic hair or Human hair). Whatever your personal preferences are, keeping up with the artificial hair lifestyle is very expensive. The human hair extensions tend to be more expensive compared to synthetic hair but the users of synthetic hairs spend a lot too, let me show you.

Note-Human Hair Lovers = HHL
Synthetic Hair Lovers = SHL

No of time used =NTU

Fixing charge & Maintenance =FC

No of times used
Fixing charges& Maintenance

N 180,000
1 year
20 Times

:. The total money sent by HHL yearly = Cost + NTU x FC

-= N234,000/annually

No of times used
Fixing charges& Maintenance

1 year
26 Times

:. The total money sent by SHL yearly = Cost + NTU x FC

-= N148,200/annually

Difference of 85,800

An average human hair lover owns, two to three extra weaves which they can use interchangeably within a year because it has a long lifespan but the people on the synthetic hair category changes their weaves every two weeks putting into consideration that the synthetic hair can't be used more than once, sometimes twice because it tangles and looks unpleasant after multiple uses. It is also expensive to maintain i.e. buying your serums and oils among others to keep your hair shiny and sleek. The illustration above was to help you see what the two categories spend annually.


Some are of the belief that women wear artificial hair so as to look extra with the aim of enticing men but in reality, men do not appreciate women who wear artificial hair. Most men emphasize artificial hair as being fake, looking fake, feeling fake, unethical and it costs a lot to purchase and maintain.

Some people are also of the opinion that artificial hairs are spiritually unclean, "I don't know" and I feel they are in the best position to explain themselves.


Artificial hair has succeeded in deceiving most Black women that their beauty is enhanced as a result of their extensions, I know because I have been in this position but the reality is wearing artificial hairs make you look older than your actual age, also thinking this way only helps in generating insecurities.

Before now I didn't appreciate being natural in any way, I spent money buying all kinds of weaves and maintain them at a high cost but today with the help of my family, I have passed that phase of my life and embrace the beauty of my natural hair. Though it was a difficult decision for me to deal with when I found out my husband didn't like wigs. My greatest challenge was having to deal with the insecurities I had which were believing that artificial hair makes me look prettier. Today I can confidently tell you that rocking my natural hair is one of the best decisions I have made.

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