The universe has placed in our hands the power to make choices, whatever choice you make is capable of making or destroying you. Choosing the right friends is a great tool in determining your successful journey in life. 

Back in my secondary school days, I was always in the company of three great girls, this relationship was able to challenge me and made me one of the best in my field. You don't need a toxic or negative relationship but a person or group of people with positive energy, capable of letting the light in you shine and this can only be achieved by choosing the right friends. Here are some tips that will help you in choosing the right Friends


When choosing friends, the first thing I will advise you to look out for is the energy they provide when they are involved in something or with someone. Before you choose a friend, you should be able to perceive Positivity which at a long run gives life to Possibility and Potency. 

Today many are mistaking people who speak positively as a Positive person which is not so, it might just be a way to show that he or she is without any human fragility or simply trying to act spiritually buoyant. It is important to choose a friend that acts and speaks positivity in all circumstances because only this kind of person can generate the PPP factor (Positivity, Possibilities, and Potency) which is able to break the walls of negativity and impossibilities. Any man with this factor has a very strong and communicable characteristic, the same way negativity is highly contagious. 

Having people with this kind of attribute will help you shake off any kind of negativity in your dwelling, placing you in the reality of possibilities that come with a strong conviction that less is not meant for you. The fuel "Possibility", is what you need to boost your strength, influence, and effectiveness towards anything you do.


In making relationship-based decisions, it is important to take note of this attribute. Never settle for a friend that does not respect you or your values. Some say, "there is no respect in friendship" but that is not correct. The fact we Play, Cry and Eat together should not be a reason why you feel, you can mess with me and have it. A good friend should place you in very high esteem and know when not to cross the line,  a good relationship is built on mutual respect and trust.

It does not matter if you don't share the same values but it is very important to respect each other's choices, beliefs, and desires. This will help in strengthening the bond you have, how people see you, and how people weigh your relationship. So always choose a friend who respects you.


Making sacrifices is an essential part of friendship which most people tend to overlook till when the relationship is becoming sour and they want to give counts of the numbers of wrongs they have gotten while in that relationship. Before you choose a friend or while in a relationship, you must not play blind to the fact that you both must make sacrifices for each other. 

For instance, I know of two friends, who both have a job but have decided to meet up with each other every Thursday by 8pm. The sad thing was, just one of them goes to the other's house no matter the weather or condition. But some weeks ago the inactive friend was telling me how much he enjoys the company of the other friend and how relieved he was when the other friend was with him. I simply said, “Awww that's beautiful”. Curious me asked, How many times he had visited his friend because I always see his friend in his house, he answered saying  "five times". From his answer, I could tell he was just using the other friend considering they've been friends for seven years and he can effectively give a count of how many times he had visited his friend. We continued the conversation and I asked if his friend doesn't want him in his house but his reply was "The door of my friend is always opened to me". Without holding back, I told him how selfish and disrespectful he was to his friend. The active friend was busy investing and making sacrifices in the relationship but he had his legs crossed enjoying every moment of it.

Any friend that cannot or will not invest their time or resources in a relationship no matter how little, is not worth staying with.


Another great quality you must look out for when choosing a friend is Trustworthiness, never settle for a friend you don't trust, anticipating they will turn out to be trustworthy someday. 

The assumption in most cases makes a mess of situations which brings me to say, “You must have 70% trust level on someone before you start a relationship". Don't be one of those who say "We will work on our Trust issues".


There are some friends who do not remember your birthday except they get a Facebook notification, but they can give the full statistics of your last divorce. 

Before choosing a friend always pay good attention to how much they celebrate you never settle for a friend who exalts your failures and forget your success.

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  1. True friends are hard to come by and I agree with you on these things to look for. I’ve discovered not everyone is worth being in your circle. Found out the hard way that the person I thought was my best friend after many years really wasn’t. She merely cared about herself and was so selfish that I cut her loose. We all need people with really good energy who truly care about our well-being. Great post!

    1. Well said, I am happy you are free from that toxic relationship.