The level of poverty, stress and discomfort in Nigeria is able to make one jump into anything that looks like paradise but remember, not everything that glitters is gold. It is no news of the number of people who migrates into Europe by road, endangering their life and that of their family. 

Today, hundreds of thousands of people enter Italy every year through the  Mediterranean Sea and this is because Italy is one of the few European countries that helps dying people on the high sea, provide shelter for them and absorb them into the Italian System while other European countries have succeeded in closing their borders e.g. France, Germany, Poland, among others. The movement into Europe majorly comes from Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and a large majority happens to be Nigerians. It is important to mention that  there is no war in Nigeria compared to some Africa countries, Nigeria presently is not economically stable but have a politically stable system (Democratic System of government) and Boko Haram has been active in the Northern  part of  Nigeria for some years now, but most of the people fleeing from Nigeria into Europe are not from the Northern part of Nigeria. 

Note that Italy doesn't get adequate support from other EU countries which has contributed greatly in worsening the economic situation of Italy, youth unemployment is almost at 40% and Italians are migrating because there is no economic opportunity. This brings me to ask, why are people coming into Italy as an economic migrant and expect to get help from the country who is economically unstable? How many more people do you think the Italian system can take in? There are many things the human traffickers fails to mention to the people they transport because of their selfish Interest and these things are to be put into consideration before wasting your time, money and risking your life to enter Europe. There is the language barrier, unemployment issues, high standard of living, cultural difference, high tax rate, the difference in climatic condition etc.

It is heartbreaking to see people endangering their lives by crossing the Mediterranean Sea with an inflatable boat, young girls and women selling their body, exposing themselves to all kinds of risk, while men beg for food and money at the mall or get involve themselves in a dirty business. We have few Africans already working and living in the European system but what are the chances of the others when legit Europeans are finding it difficult. There is no automatic breakthrough in Europe and I wish many can see this.

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  1. È vero, Gloria! Purtroppo alle testimonianze di tanti maltrattati molte persone. "bene "non credono e tanti di noi si sono abituate le orecchie del cuore... Purtroppo anche i' media' non ne parlano molto.Perche'. . ...???


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