Cats happened to be the most despised animal in Nigeria, they are not in any way appreciated as pet or food (but some people eats cat though).

Cats happen to be the most despised animal in Nigeria, they are not in any way appreciated as pet or food (but some people eats cat though). For some wield reason Nigerians believe that cats are demons and shouldn't be entertained around their homes or dwelling, it is funny to see how Children flee, mothers start an immediate prayer session and fathers reach for their cutlass when they see a cat. Below are some assumptions of Nigerians about cats.

Cats are said to have  nine lives 

Nigerian believes that cats hardly die but some say when a cat is killed it comes back to life and this has to happen nine good times before that particular cat dies for real. What a hilarious joke.😂😂


Cats always land on their feets (Cat Righting Reflex)

Yes, they do! But Nigerians have been able to categorize this ability of cats as evil. The ability of a cat to land on its feet is called Cat righting reflex, the inbred ability of a cat to align itself as it falls in order to land on its feet and this is because they have an unusually flexible backbone. They sometimes sustain injuries after a very high fall.

Cats are demonic.

I don't seem to understand why some Nigerians assume cats are always influenced by an unclean spirit, it is either a witch, wizard or satanic Spy. That's why you find people engaging in prayer sessions after seeing a cat.

Cat's saliva causes blindness.

That's not in any way true and this is because I know. I am opportune to live with two beautiful cats and I have never seen them spit, cats produce saliva but don’t spit in the same way humans do. The fluid they produce in form of saliva contains a protein called “Fel d 1” which produces an allergic reaction in some people.

Cat's hairs are dangerous (causes Asthma)

Asthma can be genetically passed on to children or the by-product of severe allergies. You might be experiencing inflammations from "Cat Dander", most of the time it is actually the cat’s saliva that humans are allergic to. When cats clean themselves, their saliva dries on their hair, which then becomes airborne and causes flare-ups to one who already has asthma. Calm down, their hairs ain't as harmful as you think.

I am of the opinion that cats are beautiful, stylish, adventurous, sensitive and  Independent. The fact remains cats, dogs, goat or even human can be used by the devil but singling the cat as the main medium through which the devil operates is quite unfair. Cats are more than just a rat or mouse hunter but one of the beautiful things the creator have placed in our possession.

Show love to other creatures, on the off chance that you can't love them simply overlook them; I believe it is better than hurting them. I have two cats as I mentioned prior. The following resources have helped me in building a stronger bond with my cats. I have learnt to handle emergency cases that involve the cats, I groom them better these days all thanks to Safer Family Pets. Their service includes cat and dog adoption, training on how to better your relationship with your pets. There training on pet first aid treatment is my favourite. They also have a pet store where only humans can make payments, lol.

Thanks for your time.

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  1. So interesting! Thanks to you now I know a lot more about Nigeria and really want to visit it.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Always love to read about different superstitions/ beliefs in different regions, and what is the most interesting in Poland we have similar about cats, so maybe there is something... 😋

  3. Very interesting to read about superstitions in a different country!

  4. I have no idea of nigerian culture but this was interesting. However even in some parts of India Cats are considered as demonic.

  5. Very Interesting facts that I did not know. Loved reading this post. Thanks for sharing :-)

  6. An interesting post. My mum has always had cats so I grew up with quite a few over the years - and I love them!

  7. This is so interesting! I had no idea that Nigerians had so many superstitions about cats, although sometimes I think mine is being demonic, lol! He's actually really sweet and in no way told me to write that he is not a demon;)

  8. Fascinating to read about the superstitions people have in another culture. It seems in many cultures, people have some negative feelings about cats. While superstition itself is not positive, it is kind of cool to think that even those kinds of things connect us all and make us more alike than different!

  9. Thank you for sharing part of your culture. There are so many similar beliefs but different views on them so interesting to know. I'm a cat mom also and dont knkw what is do without my kitty.

  10. I am lauging at this post. I am from the Caribbean and some people not all have the same thoughts. But I just prefer dog over cat

  11. Informative article. I love Cats, They are so pretty. Many people in my country also have such assumptions.

  12. That is so funny.Don't they worship cats in Egypt? LOL

  13. haha yes a few of them I have already heard, in India one of the superstitious belief about cats is that ... if a black cat crosses your way then it is a bad omen and something bad might happen"... this is really crazy

  14. I'm a cat lover so I read this in disbelief 😅 can't belive anyone would think cats are evil.

  15. Oh this reminds me of the Cat-God myth I heard about here in Hawaii.


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