This is a  major disaster Nigeria has been facing for the longest and it seems like there is no way out. Most Nigerian parents have made it impossible for their children to dream, which makes the children walk in the vision of the parents thereby, killing the light in that child rendering them missionless. Nigerian parents see all professional job as a gateway to success and force their children to study to be either a Doctor, Engineer, Architect, Pharmacist or a Banker. Saying this does not work at all is wrong, but more than 80% turns out to be an epic fail.

Our parents have failed to understand that their children are not  robots which can be programmed and give back 99% efficiency, you can't live your life and live your child's life. At the end, if the child fails at what the parents want, they will be like "I gave you everything, the best of all and yet you failed" Hmmmmm.......

Let me tell you a story

I know of a young boy, we grew up in the same neighbourhood. I was Ten years of age and he was 7 years old but to my surprise, this kid was unbelievably talented at that age he showed me a drawing he made of his parent's traditional marriage portrait. This drawing was exceptional, I took it to my parents and they were surprised as I was. Me being a doubting Thomas, I insisted he does another drawing while I watch at the end of  2hrs he replicated the drawing, I wished I could do something like that.

Time passed and one day I heard he was been beaten, later when I saw him and asked about what happened earlier and he said his dad tore his drawings and beat him for drawing saying "Is that what I sent you to school for?". I tell you, if you hear the sound of that whip, you will assume a thief is been beaten. Cutting the story short, the father of this champ beat this boy repeatedly till that talent died and that kid stopped drawing.

You might be wondering why the boy didn't press if he was really passionate. What can a seven years old do? How many battles can he fight? Do children have a voice in Nigeria? At that age, all he needed was encouragement, support, love and training which will make him become stronger in that field but his talent was crushed, today he is not doing excellently well because he is not fitting in any other field. Yes, he still draws but for me right now there is nothing special.

Imagine him getting proper training and support at all levels, I guess we would be hearing of him today. Some may say, where is the facility in Nigeria? If his father was able to send him to a private university, channelling that fund in supporting his child dream outside Nigeria is not a big deal.

This has to stop! How many destinies are you going to kill? Support your child, now is the right time.

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