I must say, having a friend is very easy, but a true friend hardly comes by, who are your friends? What are they involved in and how have they impacted your life? Below are the kind of people you must stay away from and this will guide you in making relationship-based decisions.


These kinds of people involve themselves in the same behaviour they condemn others for, they are also known as Two-Faced people, they pretend to have beliefs and qualities that are not attainable in them. Beware of this kind of people because deceit is their motto and lies are their watchwords. They live a fake life by showing themselves to be without fault or any human fragility which are all strategies for making you fall prey to them by feeling inferior and less of a person. 


An opportunist takes advantage of the slightest avenue to do things favourable to him or her at the expense of others. An opportunist thinks in a selfish way which makes others secondary to them. 

Some might be wondering..... What is bad in mingling with an opportunist? My answer is EVERYTHING! Because:
An opportunist is not ready to make sacrifices for anyone than himself. All they think about is (me, me and me).
An opportunist is ready to knock off anything or anyone standing in their way.


As the  Bible rightfully says "pride goes before a fall", indeed it does. If you are aiming to meet your Waterloo, maintain your relationship with the proud but if you are aimed at success you know what to do. The proud person refuses to see anything good in others, he or she exalt themselves above their capacity. A proud person wants to be worshipped and seen as irreplaceable in the life of those who are involved with them.


Let me start by saying, I HATE BULLIES!

This set of people are able to crush your self-esteem and create fear within you by using force and threat to abuse, intimidate and dominate their victims. I have heard stories of people who killed themselves because they were trapped emotionally, oppressed and tormented by some browbeaters. Avoid bullies and give your mind serenity so as to focus on more productive things. If you find yourself in a situation where you are a victim, make haste to get help by discussing your problems with people who can help you.

Remember, the company you keep will either make or destroy you.

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