Crime, Nigerian Immigrants, Unpleasntries abroad,

There is a Yoruba saying that states "Bibi re kose fowora" which implies that a good name cannot be bought with money and of a truth, it can't. Some Nigerians have been able to export their evil crafted mines into other economies to continue their disturbing acts.  The fact that Nigerians are involved in some of this ridiculously stupid things put at risk the reputation of other Nigerians, most times our good are not seen but at the start of the bad everyone's attention is drawn. This brings me to the Top 5 crimes, Nigerians were involved in abroad. 


As individuals, we sometimes cross the line but the most important are channelling your energy to a more positive and productive aspect, keeping into consideration the law of the land. On the 17th May 2017 in Perugia  Italy, a Nigerian man with his 3yrs old baby girl entered a bus but there was an issue with the card. This was because the man attempted getting a seat with his wife's card, which was not accepted. The ticket was taken from him, but he forcefully asked for it back, so the police were called.

At the arrival of the police to make peace, his wife was already at the scene. The couples started insulting them and the husband reached for one of the police officers and started biting him while his wife kicked the other at the same time holding her child. It was difficult to get the handcuffs on them but the both of them was charged with stopping public service and assaulting the Policemen.


Nigerians started from 419, upgraded to Yahoo and now they've ported to Yahoo Plus, this was the lifestyle of Johnson Omitiran and Adebayo Ogundana who were guilty of  Identity Theft, trafficking Identity Information, possession of Credit Cards and Possession of the proceeds of crime. They both are based in Canada tarnishing the image of other Nigerian-Canadians,  they were described by the police department of Toronto as "fraudsters who lived high profile lifestyle of conspicuous consumption". Oju Kokoro has made them meet their doom.


They are known as the Nigerian Mafias, kingpin of dirty jobs in Europe especially a business with long-term returns which happens to be trafficking of women and girls into Europe for prostitution. They visit Nigeria to deceive ignorant women to follow them to Europe where the land is green with opportunities everywhere. At the arrival of their victims to their designated destination, their documents are seized and are been forced to prostitute for a long period of time.


On the 30th July 2017, In a small town in the province of Bari, Italy. A 26yrs old Nigerian who begs in front of a supermarket approached a 76yrs old woman to help her carry her goods. On getting to the old woman's house, he beat her and raped her more than one time leaving her Injured.


We all knew of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Underwear Bomber who pleaded guilty to the attempted use of a weapon of a mass destruction that would have killed  290 people on a flight to the United States. Thank God for creating a way of escape, Farouk has since then been incarcerated in the US Penitentiary, Florence ADX.

I wonder why European and American countries are described as racist. 😥 How do you expect these people to welcome you or not raise an eyebrow, when what they know and hear of Nigerians are not pleasant. 

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