It is not wrong but normal to feel like you haven't gotten to a certain point in life because you don't have certain things but not to worry, I will be sharing in details with you how look put together without breaking the bank but first I want to remind you that nothing comes free, you have to work hard to get the best result. Below are my tips for looking expensive on a budget.


Personal grooming has to do with the way you maintain and care for part of your body, examples of these activities are styling, shaving and trimming your hair, caring for your nails by doing your pedicure and manicure when necessary, caring for your teeth, etc. Grooming is very important to achieve an expensive look, you must be able to pay attention to these little things. There is nothing wrong with having a comb in your bag so you can retouch your hair when necessary, also doing your pedicure and manicure is a lifesaver, if you can't afford to fix your nails, you can clean them to put them in the right shape or if you decide to add some colors on, you can do it all by yourself, that will save you some coins. In the same vein shaving and trimming your hair, has a way of redefining your look. 


There are some outfits that are to be worn in it's big state and in the same vein there are some clothes that are meant to be shaped to fit a person's body closely. There is nothing wrong with making some adjustments to get your desired fit but doing it on the wrong clothing could be a disaster.


Pairing is the key to the world for looking expensive on a budget, you don't need money to pair correctly all you need is good advice from experienced people and by the way, you have a phone or computer, fashion bloggers should be your best friend.

Growing up, I had the worst pairing skill but meeting my uncle's wife was a game-changer for me. While staying with them, it was mandatory for her to check my combination and this was because I sucked at making good collaborations but she was good at it and I humbly asked for her to style me when necessary. Many are willing to die in there pride but the fact remains you have to learn everything in life. Below are some Pairing tips

NUDES: For some weird reasons many people tend to leave nude colors out of their wardrobe and if you're one of those “Hello!”, you need to set up your game. Nude has a unique way of presenting elegance and class when appropriately used. Nudes are expensive-looking colors and I urge you to get nude items in your collections.

BBW: Lolz, don't mind my acronym its something I had to put together so as to pass this information out. BBW means Black, Blue, and White, they are the ultimate color trio of all time and with this, you can't go wrong. For instants, A Clean White shirt+ A blue jeans+ A black jacket= Expensive. With this combo, you look put together without putting too much effort. 

Another tip for pairing is wearing all of one color, for instance, all white, or all pink. This combination makes a really good couple and presents a sort of class.

BASIC + LUXURY: Pairing your basic clothing with luxury ones is a great way of looking expensive. You can plan your purchase of luxury items by saving up to buy one or two items so as to rock them alongside your basic clothes. For Instance, you can use a designer glasses, belt, scarf, or purse alongside your basic dress combination. The presence of a luxury item in your combination presents a level or class and sophistication.

I will advise you to use some beautifully cute accessories eg watches, glasses belts, wristbands, etc to compliment your dress code also using an expensive piece of jewelry would help in putting you out. Never skip two sprays or more of your preferred perfume and do yourself well by investing in a quality one because an expensive smell or scent equals class and sophistication.

Please hold on to great footwear, if you are rocking white sneakers make sure it is pure white and if you decide to rock shoes with other colors, make sure it is in the best shape. You can go around with a little rag to clean off some dust when necessary.

This bring s me to my favorite aspect, "Heels". Using a high heeled shoe is another great hack for adding some flavor to your dress code.  Heel kind of restructures your walking step and makes you feel elevated, trust me this is what you need to get people talking. 


Sales and coupons are lifesavers and should be the best friend of everyone, I will advise you scatter the Internet for coupon codes and watch out for sales because you can get up to 50% discount off the original price of an item. This is a  great way of getting top brand  Items at an affordable price.

This is a little advise, after identifying what you need on an online store (assuming “Boohoo”), go to google and search for coupons from that store (Boohoo coupon) I can bet you will find something no matter how little then you can proceed to make your purchase with the coupon code you've found.


I want to start by saying “make-up is not a determinate of your elegance” but some little and appropriate color will not hurt, "Moderation is the key". It has been observed that nude make-up portrays class and warmness and I agree with this concept, you don't need a rainbow looking makeup to look slay.  Another thing is red lipstick on your mild face beat, a red bold lip will put you out so breaking the ice with red bold lips would be fabulous as it portrays class and sophistication.

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