Everyone is always happy when they walk on the street and people turn to give a stare, It gives a feeling that you are on point and it has a way of boosting your confidence, but many find it hard to keep up with such standards, especially when they are not financially stable. So today I will be helping you with tips on how to slay on a budget, but to achieve this the following must be put into consideration.


Signature in this context is a unique style or pattern you stand for, It is a special trait one exhibits in different circumstances either in dress code, scents, makeup or lifestyle in general. Signatures are discovered, can be changed and must be identified individually. You should know what you like and appreciate either because of the comfort or happiness you derive from it.

For me, my signature affects my spending greatly because I am so mindful of it. I don't buy things that are not my style and this has helped me in being a prudent spender because I stick to what works best for me. Sticking to a particular pattern does not make you outdated or not fashionable and is because for every style there is always an upgrade in its design.   For example, If you are a T-shirts, Jeans or High-heel lover, there is always a new trend as you can't compare the T-shirts, Jeans and Heels of the 80s to what is attainable now so you definitely can't go wrong.


Identifying your signature makes it extremely easy to plan your wardrobe because you already know what you want. Knowing your capacity and spending limit are also very important in planning your wardrobe because it helps you in knowing the range to look out for.
Another very important thing is to choose your colours, not all colours are meant for you. Always look out for colours you look best in, if you have problems making good combinations with colour, checking out fashion blogs will be handy


Wear and tear is an inevitable event, you don't expect your clothes to remain the same as the first time you bought them, but your maintenance culture you employ will help in either protecting or destroying your materials before it's expiration. Maintaining all you have acquired is very important else, you will be left with replenishing regularly. You should have an organised way of handling your laundry, arranging your cosmetics and accessories because the way you treat your things is the same way people will treat them. If you use your things carelessly, other will use them as football. By the way, being organised is sexy on its own. 

Always remember, being your own kind of beautiful is the most essential. If you find this helpful, do well to let me know in the comment section below.

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