Organizing your wardrobe should be a well-thought procedure, all necessary things should be put into consideration else you will be spending on things that will not add value to you. A well-planned wardrobe should consist of classic dresses, seasonal dresses, Official dresses, and casual outfits. Below is some necessary thing a wardrobe must-have.


At least, a pair of Jeans trouser should be present in everyone's wardrobe, be it in blue, white or black, Jeans are classic wears which are appreciated by many. Trust me you can't go wrong with Jeans, there is a wide range of styles to choose from such as Skinny Jeans, Denim Jeans, Boot cuts, Straight cuts, Flare cuts or Boyfriend Jeans.  The great thing is that it compliments every other thing and it a timeless piece, so investing in a pair of jeans trouser is a perfect Idea. 


The different trends of T-shirts in the market give you have a wide range of products to explore, so as to suit your style and taste. T-shirts are classics which you can never go wrong with, they suit all events and are a great epitome of style. Personally, all kinds of T-shirts works fine but my preferred is a loosed T-shirt, I think it adds more spice to my dress code. There are so many stylish ways you can rock a T-shirt without investing too much effort, a white T-shirt and any other colored T-shirt can do wonders. So I urge all wardrobe to own some T-shirts.


It is essential to have at least one dress in your wardrobe, it doesn't matter the color, length, size or design, the most important is that you feel beautiful in it.


These two are a timeless piece and I urge all wardrobe to own one because they are multi-purpose (they fit into all occasion) and are a great way of adding sophistication to your look without doing so much. If you are planning to get your first blazer or jacket, I will advise you to go for a  black one because it compliments every other thing and it is quite dressy. You also have the privilege to choose from different styles and textures to suit your taste.


Stylish footwear is essential in any wardrobe and making a choice should be based on your preference, it could be high heels, sneakers, boots, flat flops, or sandals, the most important is being comfortable with what you own. 


Many overlook this but I know making mention of this on my list rings a bell. Sweaters are classic and a good way to protect yourself from cold. Sometimes sweaters can turn out stylish and dressy because they come in different styles and designs to suit your requirement. 


I will advise you to use some beautifully cute accessories eg watches, glasses belts, wristbands, etc., to compliment your dress code also using an expensive piece of jewelry would help in putting you out. Never skip two sprays or more of your preferred perfume and do yourself well by investing in a quality one because an expensive smell or scent equals class and sophistication. 


Depending on your ethnicity, it is important to own one or two native attire which you can use interchangeably when an event call and the great thing is that you can rock them in any way you want.

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