Italy's history is particularly different from other countries who had opportunities in colonialism, countries like UK, France, Netherland, Spain etc. are great colonist and today are very opened in accommodating and absorbing people of a different race into their system. In as much as Italy is found outside this circle, Italy has been doing great in giving aids and assistance to people of other race who are in need, Italy is one of the few European countries that helps dying people on the high sea, provide shelter for them and absorb them into the Italian System but of course we are always having Italy in the news for incidents that happened within the republic, which tags them “Racist”

Discrimination directed at someone of a different race either because of their beliefs, values or culture in Italy is a two-way thing and these are based on “what I have heard, seen and actions of people in the communities within Italy. Below I will be categorizing racism in Italy into two. These two categories contribute greatly to the actual racial situation in Italy. I will start by listing and then explaining these categories.



It is important to mention that the concept of racism is not a community or country thing but a personal thing which is not bought by all Italians. Some Italians are of the view that people of other race shouldn't  be allowed to mingle with the superiors "White people" while the other school are indifferent about the situation, they show love and compassion to people of different race especially when they are of good behaviour and conduct.

A racist Italian is highly irritated at the sight of people from other race, you see them in the mall looking at people of other race in an offensive way, whispering to each other as they give their unpleasant opinions, they are of the view that people of a different race should live at their mercy. There are also some other factors that make white people see people of other race as a threat and these factors affect the overall opinion of Italians towards people of other race. CLICK TO FIND OUT THESE FACTORS, this brings me to the second category, which is 


This category is actually at a low key which makes nobody pay attention to them but categorize them as victims. The movement into Italy majorly comes from Sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa, these people are of different cultures, values and beliefs which makes it almost impossible for them to keep up with the Italian lifestyle. Using an Egyptian or Moroccan as an example, these people are majorly Muslims and  people of this category take their religion very serious, but finding themselves in a community where Islam is not in practical use or a place where people do things that an Islamist sees as spiritually unclean will definitely be offensive to them, making them stay far from Italians except if it is very necessary.

We also have people who are "Anti-White Italians" because they are afraid of being implicated and having police knocking at their doors as a result of their illegal businesses, as it is believed that white Italians are traitors and will report their misconduct to the police. So they prefer to stick with people within their race. Others suffer from an inferiority complex, they have a mindset that they are not wanted by the white Italians, so they keep off.

I have quite a number of white Italian friends, who are totally in love with the people of other races, especially the blacks but there is something they always complain about, which is, “ Black people are opportunistic in nature” and this is based on their experience with black people. A timid or ignorant black is always aimed at getting what they want from the white Italians and flee, so most times the white Italians always have their guards up to avoid such events from happening.

I hope you found this helpful and Interesting, Kindly let me know what you think of racism in Italy.

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