This is a continuation of my previous post where I stated how humans are gradually destroying nature and soon or less nature will take back that which has been stolen from her.

Now humans have decided not to live on the land anymore rather they are interested in sand-filling high seas for residential use. Nigeria is always my bone of contention because I am a Nigerian and I have a wide knowledge of events and happenings within this country that I would rather call stupidity than advancement.

It's quite a number of months, since when one of our oldest and well-known beach “Bar beach is being filled with sand so as to use it for residential and commercial purposes which they describe as the "Eko Atlantic". I have no problem with this project but the location is awkward though this is not the first time such project is being done, for crying out loud people who built themselves home on sand-filled rivers payback when heavy rain arrive talk more of homes built on a high sea, what is the future of its habitats.

There is absolutely no respect for nature, humans want to occupy the space of nature but we simply can't dominate it and complain when her wrath is at work. Probably, we can't go back to correct our mistake but it is important to always remember that the earth is able to live without human if man disappears today from the surface of the earth, the earth will remain, where we have cities will turn out to be forest once again, where we have sand-filled will be filled with water again. I just feel will should make do with what we have and give nature it's space.

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