The universe has placed in our hand gifts, instructions, choices and above all the opportunity to dominate the earth but how well have we shown ourselves responsible and capable to manage all that has been given to us. 

Everything needed for the survival of men is available here on earth but humans are never contented we are always looking for a way to modify nature. It is high time we take examples from other elements of nature who are effortlessly in perfect equilibrium. For instance the life of the tree, they are able to take energy from the sun which they maximize effectively for their use when their leaves wither and get rotten, it becomes fertilizers for them to use again for themselves without creating pollution or causing harm to other living creatures but the case is different when it comes to man. 

Humans are only able to use other elements without considering what the implication will be, we have created very great things, for instance, nuclear energy but how are we using it? The nuclear energy presently is used to make experiments on the sea and in the deep of the mountain making free in the air lots of radiation that are able to modify the DNA of other creatures that we will end up eating as food. Thanks to great leaders of the world who have approved these experiments, we have been able to modify the DNA of some animals that now we are not able to eat anymore or the edible ones require extra steps in killing the bacterias in them thus depriving us of eating extremely fresh food.

We extract oil from the ground which creates a vacuum that needs to be filled and this has provoked, are provoking, and will provoke great earthquakes. Guess what! (Who are the victims? Hmm..... am thinking...... HUMANS). Every modification we do provokes self-defense of the earth, soon or less we will have to pay. A typical example is my country Nigeria If you live in Lagos Nigeria take some minutes to drive through Ebutemeta and take a look at the sea, what kind of water do you see? A polluted one, right? This is the same water the fish lives and this is the same fish we eat as food. Bayelsa Nigeria, which happens to be a riverine area cannot have good water to drink thanks to their rivers that haven polluted with crude oil, buying fish in this area is like buying gold because almost all the fishes in the rivers are dead, thanks to pollution

Another thing people never mention is the great modification of food produce. Food is a major necessity and the production of food is mandatory but many of our producers take pleasure in making an extra profit so they have to put on speed the growing process of the animals. For instance, the chicken takes three months to grow before they are been sold for consumption but an average producer will prefer giving the chicken some hormones that will help them grow in less than three months just to make extra profit. Take a look at your child who is been fed with this product, a nine years old girl is already growing breast while the nine years old baby boy is already growing hair in his pubic areas and having erections. Yes, this is what you get for feeding them with foods that contain hormones which causes an alteration in the body of these children and most times I wonder why people eat this abnormally looking chickens, Nigeria for instance, when you go to the market you can easily find the abnormally big chicken in the cold rooms and strangely, that's what many people prefer without asking themselves if the chicken they grow in their homes gets to that size.

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