This is a continuation of my previous discussion. If you haven't seen it, kindly click here to view it so as to have a clearer view of this discussion, below are facts about the Nigerian Entrepreneurs and their struggles.

1.    Entrepreneurship activity in Nigeria is primarily based on necessity. 
2.    The majority of entrepreneurs in the country are operating in Lagos, the former capital of the country.
 3.    Nigeria’s economic decline since the 1980s has created a hostile environment that is unfavorable to entrepreneurial success. 
4.    The Nigerian infrastructure limits entrepreneurial effectiveness and is a barrier to success.
 5.    The high cost of doing business in Nigeria, such as the lack of adequate electricity and basic needs by a large amount of the population stifle entrepreneurial activity. 
6.    Getting venture capital to finance entrepreneurial endeavors in Nigeria is very difficult because of political and economic instability. 
7.    The policies of the Nigerian government are a barrier to the success of large-scale entrepreneurial success for many Nigerians. The government is plagued by corruption and greed and The government systematically ignores laws that are already in place to promote free enterprise. 
8.    The lack of enforcement of Nigerian patent laws discourages entrepreneurs from commercializing their ideas and inventions. 
9.    The constant political turmoil in the country greatly limits foreign investors who would be willing to provide resources for entrepreneurship in the country, which is very rich in natural resources. 
10. Political and social movements strongly affect the level of entrepreneurial activity in Nigeria. Religious intolerance and ethnic warfare limit country progress in some areas of the country. 
11. Female entrepreneurs in Nigeria are often underestimated and overlooked. 
12. Female entrepreneurs in Nigeria are often hindered because of cultural barriers such as male/female role definitions that label women inherently inferior to men. 
13. Nigeria has the 2nd largest GDP in Africa, South Africa has the largest. 
14. The Ibo ethnic group in Nigeria is recognized internationally for its culture of entrepreneurship. 15. The majority of entrepreneurs in the country are operating in the capital city of Abuja. 
16. Control my own life, be my own boss, freedom to adapt the personal approach to work, and attain family security are some of the reasons Nigerians engage in entrepreneurial activity. 
17. The Nigerian government has a program in place that promotes exports from Nigeria to other countries, which can be helpful for entrepreneurs looking to do business in Europe or the United States. 
18. Lower taxes and increased price ceilings have increased the incentives to entrepreneurs in the country. 
19. Nigeria is progressively trying to incorporate modern technology into its country. 
20. Nigeria is trying to actively promote technology in its educational system with the use of the internet. 
21. Although there are a lot of barriers, entrepreneurship in Nigeria is necessary for the country to become a developed nation.  

My advice to all entrepreneurs out there is to keep pushing because nobody will acknowledge you until you bring something aside from food to the table. Just as Linda Ikeji said in one of her videos, "they will come" but when you are successful.

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