Life is not a  movie, where things work out as planned. Acknowledging the struggles of being an entrepreneur is the only way to beat and overcome the challenges attached to being an entrepreneur as conquering your struggles starts with acknowledging them because it takes confidence to admit and confront your struggles. Indeed the struggles are real but you don't have to let them affect or defeat your business. Here are three natural entrepreneurial struggles we fail to admit and how to beat them.


Working for yourself is great because of the freedom it provides, you are in charge of your time, you set your own hours and schedules, which is the life everyone wants. Having this freedom becomes a curse if you’re not disciplined because it is too easy to get distracted and lose focus. If you’re a solopreneur, you have no one in an office with you, no one is keeping tabs on you, so what starts as a productive day can quickly turn into a day filled with daytime soap operas if left unchecked, not to mention all the modern-day distractions.

How many tabs do you have open on your computer right now? Is anyone of them a social media platform? I’m guessing the answer is "Yes" and I bet more than 70% are trapped in this. In a world of distraction, you can't do but be distracted. It takes only the strong and focused to beat this struggle, also making a list of short term and long term goals could help discipline and redirect your focus.


As humans, we want what we want, when we want it, we also want it right away. For entrepreneurs, this is amplified because we see the cool new toy or technology and we want it for our business. Before you know it, money is spent on something we don’t understand and don’t benefit from. It’s ok to want cool things, It’s ok to have business idols you study and learn from but the desire for having the latest Item should be controlled, you have to control acting on those impulses.


Entrepreneurs are willing to serve, they want to help as many people as possible accomplish their goals, they also want to present new leads to clients and not miss out on any opportunities. 
More often than we realize, saying "No" leads to a big "Yes". Our time is our most precious resource, It should be the most valuable and expensive service we offer, we should be very strategic with what we say "Yes" to. Ask yourself if saying "Yes" to that request will mean saying "No" to something that matters to you. If you’re easily accessible to everyone, your perceived value will diminish. Say "No'' loudly and proudly if an opportunity shifts your focus, you're not trying to be a jerk but if people see you that way, that's ok. You can't win everyone over and you shouldn't try. 

I can already hear the wheels turning. I can already see the comments on these articles from those “super entrepreneurs” that will say, “I don’t struggle with any of these things.” Really? I challenge you to get honest with yourself. Progress starts with acknowledgment. 

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