Sometimes we have to readjust ourselves in life, either because we are broke, or on a  budget, whatever the case may be, it's not wrong to want or own cheap things, it's simply called "cutting your coat according to your size”. If you are interested in knowing where to get affordable clothing with good or fairly good quality this is for you, as a matter of fact with items from this store's you will look put together without doing so much, check below to see my top 5 online fashion stores that sell affordable clothing.


Wish was found in 2011, its an online store that features hundreds of stores around the world, especially from China. Wish is also described as an online shopping mall with millions of products waiting for their buyers. Though Wish does not sell clothes only, they made this list because they have quite a number of very affordable clothing ranging from $3 and above. In wish Store, You have the opportunity to choose from the cheapest clothing to averagely high price clothing.


Though they don't sell extremely cheap stuff but be sure to find an affordable high street fashion Items in their store. This store is solely for girls and indeed they are helping more girls every day live there dream life by giving them great stuff at an affordable price. They are presently giving 15% their prices so take advantage of this opportunity.


Urbanog is an online fashion store that started in 2005, they provide all kinds of fashionable Item at a competitive price. For me, their pricing is almost similar to FashionNova and they are presently giving out a 35% discount on their product.


My favorite of all is Boohoo, they have amazing stuff with affordable prices. Boohoo is located at Manchester but they pull crowd from all over the world, they deliver to a wide range of countries and are currently giving out 40% of men's wear and autumn wears, so hurry to take advantage of these opportunities.


The Chinese online retailer Alibaba is using AliExpress to expand its reach beyond Asia. Aliexpress is a multivendor site, with millions of products, you can get very cheap clothing from this store but what I dislike about this site is that their delivery takes forever and many allegations have stated that it is not the best place to shop because of lack of security and concurrent scam issues but once in a while, I buy from them.

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