Feeding my eyes with spectacular views is the best way of getting comfortable, and one of the places that have swept me off my feet is Cogne, a town in the valley of Aosta located in Italy.

Cogne is beautiful and unique in its way, this town is 1534m above the level of the sea with pretty cold weather. People visit Cogne for vacation from all walks of life, to enjoy that which the universe has placed in Aosta. The feeling I got when I arrived Cogne was unexplainable, and it is essential to mention, "I loved every moment of it". I felt unusual energy so unique and intense, I literally felt the universe through the whispering of the air, the wind that blows through my hair with a distinctive touch in my soul.

Most people write, speaking about the physical beauty of Cogne but what I saw and felt was beyond the material, I remembered walking through the field, looking up to the mountains, touching the flowing water from the river and all I thought of was "GOD." Forgive me if I am too spiritual for you, but I can't hold back, as I feel that same energy as I write. Visiting this place made me ponder on the greatness of God and the beauty he had placed in the hands of men. I wasn't moved by the beautiful houses or the serenity of the environment, for some weird reason I can't explain, this energy enveloped me throughout my stay. It provided me with the necessary satisfaction I needed and more.

Cogne is a place to be at, you might not feel the energy I felt but looking around and giving your eyes and mind what it needs is a time well spent.

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  1. Condivido pienamente le sensazioni che hai provato

  2. I really like Italy - I come back there with pleasure! Each side has something different to offer :) However I have never been to Cogne. But I think, I'd enjoy there as well, cause I like mountains and small romantic towns. And you're right - it looks spiritual ;)

  3. This sounds amazing! I’d love to visit someday

  4. This is a nice post. Thanks for sharing and sparking my wanderlust.

  5. Italy is my dream travelling destination !!! The Italian food and the attitude of italians !!! Thankd for sharing this !!