There's no specific answer to this as it varies in different relationships. I have had people I lied to and people that lied to me, so am not going to sit behind my computer and present myself as "holy" by justifying my acts.

Lying in a relationship could be a result of hiding some information from the other party, either in their best interest or your selfish interest, people also lie to exalt themselves so as to be seen as superior, while other situations might involve a do or die circumstance.

It is important to mention that some relationships are so toxic that you find yourself lying to prove a point. If you are in such a relationship, I will advise you to call it to quit, I understand it's a tough thing to do and this is because most people who remain in a toxic relationship are lost in that relationship, which makes them feel or see no wrong in the way they are treated.

Another thing people fail the respect is that some things are better “Unknown”, forcing your way into the other person's privacy is a crazy thing to do, you should be able to respect your partner's decision and their privacy should never be taken for granted. If you are one of those who tends to push the other party to speak about things they don't wish to, you will always get the wrong story. It is better you let them settle and definitely they will come around at their convenient time.

I think lying depends on a person's personality, values, and situation. If you think the contrary, please let me know in the comment section below and also state who you feel lied more in a relationship(boys or girls)? Also, I will be doing a Christmas giveaway to participate, click here, and make yourself acknowledgeable by commenting on my blog posts. Thanks

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  1. Nice write up ....really educating ....i really like d fact dat u didnt give any special treatment to any gender ....i also belive dat being a liar or being truthful
    Your personality not ur gender .... keep up d gud work by enlightening d public with ur write ups