I am still confused why some people see it as a thing of shame to admit they just had a Fart, I don't know if it's against the constitution of the land or if the penalty for passing out toxic gas from your body is life imprisonment.

I have dropped my bombs several outside my comfort zone and got away with it but there were times I was confronted and I simply admit and said sorry. I am of the view that if some lie about a little and irrelevant thing as this, such a person should not be trusted with anything. Maybe it's just me and my way of handling issues (but this should not be an issue!) because I know of people who wouldn't take it likely if they perceive and strange smell resulting from the gas passed out by the other person.

There was a time I was with my cousin and I felt the need to release my toxics but I wasn't in the mood to stand up from where I was and most importantly, I didn't want to take her unaware so I jokingly asked a corny question. I was surprised at her reaction, there and then I knew she would be so irritated if such happened because she gave instances of how she handled previous incidents that had to do with other people Farting in her presence. 

I have also heard of a person, who feels and assume girls don't Fart and has ended a relationship because a lady came to his house and felt the need to use the toilet, of course, she did! These instances are 100% true but crazy.

I think doing it with courtesy really counts but if someone is going to hate me because I had a Fart, “to your tent o Israel” you can give a big hug to a transformer. A real-life situation of if I feel the need to Fart depends on where I am and who I am with, for instance

  • If in a meeting, among people I don't know too well, I will gently walk out of that circle to find a convenient place to do it.
  • If a silent or loud one drops accidentally in the presence of my friend, I will simply say sorry and we all laugh about it.
  • If a loud one drops in a public place, I will be like “excuse me, I am sorry” but if a silent one drops in the public, I prefer to be mute and act like I did nothing, leaving their assumptions to solve the equation.

Kindly make my day by letting me know in the comment section below, who is most likely to Fart in the public and act like they did nothing (Boys or Girls).

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  1. Hi Gloria I love ur blog u re doing great pls keep it up

  2. Girls of course, they be eating everything and polluting the environment with their dangerous gas.

  3. What is all this accusation? I don't mess oooo.

    1. If I hear. I can book an appointment for you to meet my doctor.

  4. Hi Gloria I love ur blog u re doing great pls keep it up