Christmas Countdown (Preparing your checklist)

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Christmas is an event I always look forward to and planning for the big day is my favourite part. Most times people concentrate more on the irrelevant things, leaving the very important and valuable things in the mud which is simply an evidence that one has not planned properly.

One can actually save him or her self the risk of missing out on the important things by creating a checklist to help channel your energy and resources appropriately so as to achieve a great and organised Christmas. Personally, I feel this checklist should be broken down into three sections because these three things are Christmas must do.


Celebration., Chrstmas. Planning, Family Life,
Gifts have great significance during the festive season of Christmas as the perfect gift the Almighty gave to us 2000 years ago is something the world is yet to recover from. Gifts are a perfect way to show love, appreciation and there is no perfect time to give out gifts than at Christmas but you have to plan ahead so as not to make a mess of the whole situation.

First, I will advise you list those you intend to give gifts to, purchase their gift, wrap and tag them far earlier than the main day and this is because I have been in a situation where I bought gifts with the intention to give to a group of people but I ended up giving 40% of the gift to people who where not in my initial plan, you can avoid this from happening to you by writing what your intents are.

In purchasing your gifts, it is best to buy whatever you intend to at least two to three weeks earlier, as this will save you from any form of increment in prices that may arise as a result of the festive season. For instance, in Nigeria, it is possible to buy items x3 their actual price as a result of the festive season so most people start shopping from November so as to avoid buying at an expensive price. Once your purchase is done, its time to tag them and set them aside for distribution.

Another form of gifts people tend to send during Christmas is electronic messages either via e-mail or any form of messenger but it is crazy to have people sending broadcast messages during this special period. It will be more reasonable to prepare your messages and customising them for the purpose you need them for. For instance, construct a special message for your family, a special message for close friends and another for distance or random friends.


Celebration., Chrstmas. Planning, Family Life,

The numerous embellishment used at Christmastime are absolutely inevitable which makes planning the beautification aspect during this period very important. It is important to have Christmas decoration ideas which make searching the internet for ideas very helpful. Once you have decided on what to create, then you can purchase and start building and fixing the items appropriately.

I don't know about you but seeing Christmas decorations gives that Christmas emotion and automatically puts me in a celebratory mood.

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This is my favourite part, I like the fact that different types of delicacies find their way out of the kitchen during this period but nothing exciting will be served if not properly prepared for. It is important to shop for cooking items earlier and with your list at hand so as not to miss anything, working this way will give you an opportunity to revisit the market in case of eventualities.

In planning for food never forget to plan for the drinks you intend to serve, the plates and cutleries you intend to serve with and the table setting method you wish to achieve. Trust me, planning all of this ahead is a lifesaver.

Also, planning the kind of food you want to serve is very important as it is believed that Christmas dishes should be special. You have to make a decision of what you want on your table and search for different recipes to achieve a better finish, take note of the timing also so as not to serve the food late which makes your initial planning irrelevant. Once you have made adequate provisions for this three aspect, you can now proceed in do the extra. Don't forget to spread love not hate.

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