It's no doubt that everyone loves Christmas as it is one of the most celebrated events in the world, of which different countries and ethnicity have their ways of celebrating. In Nigeria, Christmas is a religious celebration which is spent with family from both far and near.

Christians in Nigerians has a great culture of putting in their best in making the celebration successful. People travel from wherever they are making sure that they go to their hometown to join their family for Christmas those who can not be present sends some money to their family as their contribution to the celebration. This event also serves as a kind of family reunion as it is that time of the year that brings all the member of the family home to celebrate, rebuild and to strengthen their bonds. 

Christmas in Nigeria starts with a morning devotion, which every available member of the family will be involved in, it is a time to commit the celebration into the hands of God and to thank him for the perfect gift he has given to humanity. In some other families, they attend the special morning service organised by the church they attend.

Jellof rice served with Roasted Chicken and  fried beef

There is always a family party where all kind of food will be served, you will always find a rice dish (Jollof Rice, Fried Rice, Rice and Stew), chicken served with any kind of complimentary drink but some family expand their cooking to touch diverse dishes and the great part is that families exchange food as a gift. 

This is always a fun period for children, you will find them having fun with all kinds of fireworks while they rock their new Christmas wear and join friends to have fun (eating, drinking, playing or dancing). Every street is literally filled with the remains of fireworks after the celebration. 

Different streets tend to have their street party or carnival during this period which youths of the street are always the host. On Christmas day, the interested youths come out on street to party till late at night but at a larger scale, there are always different events hosted by big companies which are for free or attracts a token to join the party. 

For the longest, I have celebrated Christmas in Nigeria and I think it is one of the best thing ever. Hope you enjoyed this little illustration, do well to give this post a like, comment and share

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