Finding your personal style can be difficult, especially when you don't know what to do, many get lost in following up with trends, copying other people's styles without discovering themselves. A signature style is a holy grail that portrays your personal style through fashion. Signature style varies as it depends on your personal preferences, it could be bold, sophisticated, Badie, Highstreet, Humbling, edgy or ethical. It is highly important to find your signature style and I will be running you through two things to look out for when finding your signature style.

The first step in finding your signature style is by taking note of clothing that gives you comfort and brings out the boldness in you. When you wear anything you feel comfortable and contented with, it has a way of boosting your ego and makes you feel like you are on top of the world.

Comfort is not derived from the size of the clothing, It's brand or design but from your personal preference, you only feel comfortable with things you are contented with. Sighting an example with Crop tops, they are one of the trendy styles but unfortunately, they don't work for me and this is because anytime I have them on I don't feel myself at the maximum, I tend to walk in a shy way and I feel like the world is staring at me in a bad way. If you have this kind of feeling when you are wearing something, it simply means it's not meant for you, items of clothing that make you feel bold and untouchable are what you should look out for. In finding your signature style, taking note of this will have you 70% ahead.

Once you 've found what works best for you, It is important to search around for fashion Ideas, this should consist of the best way to pair items that work best for you. I will advise you to check out different social media platforms to get inspirations, you can also ask Google by searching for the best way to combine your preferred items of clothing. For instance, if you fancy maxiskirts, crop tops, boot cuts, and flat shoes, all you have to do is go on google and search for how to combine maxiskirts with other pieces and you will find different inspirations on how to pair each and every one of your personal preferences.

When you have been able to get collections of fashion ideas to suit your taste, the remaining  30% of your quest of finding your signature style is met. With these two short steps, you will be able to find and redefine your style, this will also help you in shopping smart because you already know what to spend on and the best way in paring your piece so as to get the best result. 

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