Taking care of our skin is something that should be done effortlessly, but many are finding it challenging to keep up either because they don't know how or their skincare routine is not giving the result they desire. The general mistake most people make is sticking to a skincare routine, even if there is a change in season, which demands an automatic change in the way they care for their skin.

Every season comes with its own unique features, and you have to be prepared to suit its requirement else you will always have to struggle to get the best results. Have you asked yourself why we have different clothing and food for different seasons? You definitely can't have ice cream for lunch or dinner during Winter or Harmattan, and in the same vein, it will be madness to wear a raincoat during Summer or Dry season. These simple facts make it essential and mandatory to change your skincare routine as the need arises.

Today I will be discussing how to care for your lips during the seasons of Harmattan or Winter. Harmattan is a season in West Africa. Its features consist of  Heavy wind, cold, dryness, fog with Low humidity in the air, which tends to be felt more in the morning and night. Winter is the coldest season in places outside the tropical zone, it features consists of raw, dried, Fog with Low humidity in the air which is experienced every day till the season ends. These two seasons cause dehydration, which further leads to the breaking of the skin, hair, and for the sake of this topic, the lips.

The fact remains that your Lip gloss cannot solve the problem of your dried lips as it does not penetrate the layers of your lips, which implies that they stay only on the surface of the lip to add shine and glossy glamour to your lips. The best option as far as moisturizing the lips is concerned is the use of lip balm. This is because it moisturizes, softens, and penetrates the inner layer of the lips notwithstanding, you can still end up with a moisturized rough lips. Yet, to get the best result from moisturizing with a  lip balm, you have to exfoliate your mouth before applying the lip balm of your choice.

Exfoliation simply means the process of removing the dead cell from the skin with the help of an exfoliant e.g., sugar, sea salt, coffee, or rice flour. Exfoliation helps soften the lips making them free from any crack, imperfection, or damage caused by the dryness in the atmosphere. Exfoliating products can be bought in stores or simply made at home. For those that have the intent of making their lips scrub at home, it is best to avoid using Exfoliants with ash acid (salt), especially when you have wounded or cracked lips as it is capable of burning your lip and causing more inflammation on the lips. 


This product is a year old on my shelf, and it's days are still counting.

To get the perfect lip scrub with a shelf-life of more than one year, you will need the following ingredients, and also, I will be sharing with you their benefits.


Raw honey has disease prevention and disease-fighting properties as it is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin B6.
Qty- 2 Tsp

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is excellent for moisturizing and softening rough and dry skin, they are a naturally antibacterial and anti-fungi agent and is great for penetrating the skin than any other oil.
Qty- 1Tsp

Brown Sugar

This serves as the exfoliant, it is self-preserving and can be substituted with white sugar.
Qty- 1 ½ Tbs


Simply mix these ingredients together in a bowl at the right proportion and store them in a sanitized glass or plastic container. Use at least twice a week and follow up with any lip balm of your choice.

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  1. A really nice DIY post. I'll definitely try this. I hope it'll work :P

    1. It sure does, I still have mine on my shelf till date.