For the longest, I  have had no envy for those with natural hair i.e those without relaxed hair, my thought had always been that there are limits to what you can create with natural hair but the truth is there are hundreds of ways to be creative with your natural hair.

Without wasting much time, I will walk you through “how to get the best result rolling your natural hair” (washing and setting). To achieve this, you will be needing the following

Rat-tail comb(partitioning comb)
Detangling Comb
Roller set
Roller pins
Elastic band (optional)
Leave in conditioner (optional)
Curling cream or any product that will aid or assist your hair in making defined curls or laying your hair down e.g.  lotta body or gel


Starting with freshly washed hair, partition into sections so as to make it easier to work with.

Detangle properly with concentration at the tips of the hair then you can add the setting lotion or curling cream of your choice, working it through from your root upward making sure to add more products to the tips of the hair so as not to end up with spongy ends.

Starting from the tips of the hair, slowly wrap the roller downward then secure the roller with the roller pin. Repeat the process till you are through then allow it to dry.

When dried unwrap the rollers, moisturize the hair with an oil or hair cream of your choice (I prefer olive oil) when that is done slowly separate the curls and give a light roll to the hair with your fingers, finish up with styling your hair the way you want.

Watch the video above to see the demonstration. 

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