This is a message to all Nigerian parents and guardians who trust their relations to adopt their children to seek greener pasture. Most of these people are not legit, they are only aimed at introducing young girls into prostitution and subjecting them to unfavorable and life-threatening circumstances.

On 7th November 2017, a 17 years old Nigerian boy was stopped in Agrigento Italy by the police. He was suspected of having organized the escape of a 16 years old girl from a camp where the Italian government has provided for refugees (Centro di prima accoglienza - the center of first hospitality) to let her prostitute and serve her madam. The investigation done by the police headquarters of Catania revealed that a 21 years old Nigerian woman named Victoria Osarieme Osayuware was the one behind the trafficking of this young girl. Still, with the help of her 17 years collaborator, they were able to move the girl from the camp to use her as a sex slave.

They were also accused of being part of an international group that manages and introduces underaged girls into prostitution, human trafficking, and abetment for not authorized immigration. The investigation started after the mobile police squad talked to the 16 years old girl who arrived in Italy on 14th July 2017, together with other 1422 migrants through the sea.

She was said to have left her family in Nigeria, after which she was submitted to a "JuJu rite," where she has to take an oath to be obedient and faithful to a new boss. The agreement was to pay the woman (Twenty-five Thousand Euro). She is free to go start her life afresh. The police have stopped and identified the girl in Torino, where she lived with her "madam." The  "madam" has been arrested, and the 17 years is now in a reformatory.

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