Forcing my opinion on others is not my thing, I am of the opinion that everyone should be respected for whatever decisions they've made. Its the 21st century, where it is believed that everything is “cool” so I will be speaking for myself on what I feel about If It is okay for a lady to ask a man out or propose to him.

Asking a man out?! Personally, I feel there is nothing wrong with this act, taking a bold step to get what you want is a sign of strength, courage and it's not a thing to feel bad about. If you have the desire to do anything please do, without hesitating or considering what others are saying because at the end of the day haters always have something to say.

Taking this big step could turn out well or messy and that is why you have to apply wisdom in handling this. I am not here to teach on how to ask a guy out but I feel before you do what others see as awkward, you have to plan properly so you don't end up embarrassing yourself and giving haters a headline to feed on. The following should be put into consideration before taking the bull by the horn:

  • The Social attitude of the Guy: This is very important, you should be able to tell what the social attitude of the guy is because if the level at which he operates socially is low, he will feel so disgusted at you trying to hit on him but if he is a free thinker, you just won yourself a jackpot.
  • Asking a Guy out does equal relationship: A guy accepting to go out with you is not the beginning of a relationship with him, it just an opportunity to be close to him and find out if he is actually the type of person you want to be in a relationship with.
  • Keep your Strength: Never allow anyone to treat you like the needy one. If you officially start dating and the relationship turns toxic, do well to call it to quit don't let anyone talk you down or make you feel like he is irreplaceable.
Proposing to a man, on the other hand, is literally asking for his hand in marriage. For me, it's a “No-No” I feel like it's not in a woman's place to do. Doing something the universe has not given us the power to do is not the right thing to do. The book of Life states that “He that finds a wife, has found a good thing” I will rather wait till he finds me than running here and there, searching for help where there is no help.

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