Italy is one of the most desired places in the world, it has beautiful tourism spots and over the years thousands of people have relocated to Italy but most times, reality dawn on many when they fully enter the Italian system, things you feel will sort themselves out will be one of the things needed the most so being physically, mentally and emotionally prepared is very necessary.

Migration cannot be separated from humanity so whatever your reasons are for choosing to move into Italy, holding onto these facts will be beneficial.


In as much as Italian government are opened to accepting people into their system nothing works without your Italian document at hand, that is to say, you will be unable to access most things until you obtain your document. Some of the privileges you will be denied of are getting a job, getting medical assistance from the hospital of your choice, studying etc.

My point is, nobody will employ you unless you have your Italian permit to stay (Permesso di Soggiorno). If you have health issues and need to visit the hospital, you will be limited to what is called the Pronto soccorso (Emergency room/ First aid) because you don't have the Italian medical card and the medical card can only be gotten if you have a resident permit.


Italy is not one of the English speaking European countries so having your mindset to learn a new language is the key. It is important to mention that the Italian language is at a direct opposite angle from English so you have to be prepared to twist your tongue.

It is only Italians that travels the world speaking Italian or their own local dialect and expects to be understood, using their hands as an extension of the tongue. Lol (Italians use their hand to describe when talking).


The standard of living in Italy is very high which makes it difficult or impossible for some to keep up with. So if you are planning to come to Italy, you should have your purse full or alternatively live with an acquaintance who is ready to fit your bill till you are stable.


For me, switching to Italian food was a tough one, for the longest the only food I appreciated of all the Italian foods were Risotto, Pasta and Pizza, any other food just put me off. During this period I survived with the food item I got from home before moving to  Italy. So if you are picky like me, you should go for your local food shopping before travelling. By the way, I now appreciate almost all Italian recipes and I have had quite a number of thing I will ordinarily not eat.


Another thing you have to put into consideration especially if you are migrating from Africa is the difference in the climatical conditions. In my own case, I was comparing winter in Italy to harmattan in Lagos but I got the shock of my life.

I left Nigeria at the end of the raining season, as at the time I took my fight the temperature was exactly at 28°, on getting to Italy the temperature was around  7° with big humidity in the air, thank God my adorable father-Inlaw came with a jacket for me. Am sure you can tell what kind of shock I  got.


If you left your country with the aim of studying further in Italy, I think you should think again or simply search for another country which you can alternatively study in and this is because the Italian educational system is very rigid which makes absorbing students from other countries difficult or impossible. Depending on your nationality, if you are a degree holder with intent to further your studies, its either your certificate is devalued or you have to take extra steps in getting into their educational system.


Italy is a  Christianity based country so if your religion states otherwise, I think you just have to practice at home or travel a long distance to assess your religious altar because there are majorly churches in most communities.

If you are a denominational person, I think you have a tough time coping because the official and most rampant denomination in Italy is the  Catholic church. Though there are other denominations of Christians yet Catholic church seems to have the largest population and this because 90% of Christian Italians attend the Catholic Church.


If you are from Africa, it is impossible to find a restaurant that serves African dishes, your best option is to visit the African shop where you are likely to get African food stuff but at an outrageous price. There is an African shop close to me but it is quite scanty so I have to travel a little to access another store where I can find almost everything but as I mention earlier the prices are something else. For instance, as at the time I lived in  Nigeria, a big size Bonvita sells for  ₦2,800 which is specifically a year ago but I get Bonvita in the Africa shop for €14 which the equivalent in Naira is  ₦5,865.27. 

I hope you found this helpful, do well to hit the follow button and add your comments below.

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