Christmas is fast approaching and everybody can't wait because it's about to get lit. Christmas is one of those seasons we can't get enough of, we all want to show our fancy dresses, well-decorated homes and tasty food. All of this comes with a prize which nobody cares about as long as its CHRISTMAS, it could be your time, energy or money but a well planned Christmas celebration is bound to be hitch free.  

One thing most people fail to put into consideration during this period is “MODERATION”. Everybody wants to do extra which is not advisable, below  I will be running you through some things you should avoid during the period of Christmas.


This is something you should say NO! NO!! NO!!! to during this period, some do it but it is not the best as it will mess up your celebration and leave you with extra bills to pay the next month.
The best solution is to work with what you have, prepare for you and your family cutting your coat according to your size, the most important is that the essence and significance of the celebration are not left in the mud.

I am sure you don't want to take a bite of chicken or turkey on that day thinking of the debt you owe and of course by January when everyone is putting themselves together you will still be paying off some debt. Borrowing is not advisable as it destroys your celebration and leaves you indebted even after the celebration.


It is no doubt that as of today, Christmas is a commercial celebration and this is because the essence of the celebration is swept under our beds while the businessmen and women enjoy more sales during this period, everybody wants to be envied so we end up spending more than our initial plans. How many people reach out to the needy, showing them love on Christmas day? “I thought as much, almost nobody. 

It is important to control your spending so as not to end up looking for help after the celebration. God has sent his son Jesus Christ as the perfect gift why are you wasting money in the name of celebrating the gift given to us by God.


Almost everyone is guilty of this, we all want to get a bit of every meal served on Christmas day, it's so difficult to ignore all those mouth-watering delicacies that come out of from the kitchen on Christmas day.  I know it is difficult to say NO but for your best interest, I think you should because there are countless people who end up gaining some weight after Christmas holiday and you stand the chances of constipating or even having stomach pains.


Christmas celebration does not give us the liberty to drink alcohol as we wish. I see people who drink excessively at Christmas as opportunistic in the sense that they take advantage of the event to misbehave and mocking the real essence of the celebration. It is wise to avoid excess intake of alcohol so as to the avoid the danger and accidents that come with it.


Never wait until last minute before planning and executing your purchase, a lot of effort goes into preparing for Christmas especially when it has to do with purchasing all you need for the big day. It is advisable to buy ahead of time so as to avoid rush hour, escape any increment that may arise as a result of the celebration and have the opportunity to revisit the market in case you forgot any item.


Christmas is one of those events best spent with family but if you choose to hang out in the public, it is important to retire to your home early especially when you are without a car. Almost all commercial transportation system are on break on Christmas day, the people on duty tend to work the half day so if you decide to stay out late without any means to get home, you might end up sleeping out or getting home extra last and tired.


Never make the mistake of keeping your family waiting and hungry  at Christmas, always plan your cooking preparation to suit the time you intend to serve.

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