BLOGMAS: Christmas Dont's

Christmas is drawing closer, and everyone can hardly wait to have fun with friends and family.
Christmas is one of those seasons we can't get enough of; we, as a whole, need to show our extravagant dresses, well-beautified homes, and delicious delicacies. 

The entirety of these accompanies a price which no one thinks about as long as it's "Christmas." It could be your time, energy, or cash, but regardless of what it is, you are paying a price.

One thing many people neglect to place into thought during this period is MODERATION. Most people feel the need to do extra, which might gain them some extra worries after Christmas. 

Today, I will run you through certain things you ought to abstain from during the Christmas period.

Don't Trap Yourself by Borrowing

This is something you should say no to during this period. Borrowing makes a mess of your celebration and leaves you with additional bills to pay the following month. 

The best option is to work with what you have, plan for you, your family, and those in need. 

It is called cutting your coat according to your size. The most important thing is that the celebration's essence and significance are not left in the mud.
I am confident you would prefer not to take a chomp of chicken or turkey on that day, thinking about the obligation you owe.Trust me; by January, you will come back to reality. 

Borrowing is not advisable, as it destroys your celebration and leaves you indebted even after the festival.

Don't Be a Spendthrift

It is no uncertainty that Christmas as of now is a commercial celebration. This is because the festival's significance is cleared under our beds while the businessmen and women enjoy more sales.

I understand you want to throw the best family party, have your extravagant gifts, and maybe show off a little. 

For sure, many do not have the needy or less privileged in their plans. I am not judging! I understand how overwhelming it can get when you don't have a concrete plan to channel your resources better at Christmas.

It is essential to control your spending, not to wind up searching for help after the celebration. 

Don't Be the Glutton

Almost everyone is guilty of this; it's so hard to overlook each one of those mouth-watering treats that leave from the kitchen on Christmas Day.

I realize it is hard to say "no"; however, we ought to say "no, thanks" for our well-being. 

Those cakes, excess carbs, and meats are good at adding some extra rings around one's stomach.I'm just saying; I gained close to 5 kg between Christmas and the month of February. I don’t even know how to get rid of it.

Eat a little of everything; don't let that juicy meat deceive you. Just think of the money you will save when you don't have a trainer.

Don't Go in on the Drinks

There are different reasons why drinking excessively is terrible. On Christmas Day, this is triple bad, and I am about to give you my thoughts.

The Christmas celebration is not an excuse to drink excessively; regardless of if you are the guest or host, we can have fun responsibly.

I tend to see people drink too much at parties, especially when it is free. Calm down, dude! If you kill yourself now, there won't be another opportunity to have some drinks next Christmas. 

I see people who drink excessively at Christmas as opportunistic because they take advantage of the event to misbehave and mock the real essence of the celebration.

It is wise to avoid excess intake of alcohol to prevent the danger and accidents that come with it.

The worst is being hungover.

Don't Shop at The Last Minute

Never hold up until the last minute before arranging and executing your purchases. A ton of exertion goes into planning for Christmas, particularly when it has to do with obtaining all you require for the big day. 

It is smart to make your purchases early; this way, you can dodge heavy traffic and the rush of shoppers in stores. 

There will be less of a tendency for you to miss out on some things on your list. Also, you don't want to be unable to find a significant item needed in the celebration. 

Above all, you can escape any issues that may arise as a result of the celebration.

Dont' Be Stupid

Christmas is one of those occasions best spent with family; however, if you decide to hang out in public, it is essential to resign to your home early, mainly when you are without a vehicle. 

Practically all business transportation systems are on break on Christmas Day; I know this to be true in Lagos, Nigeria. 

The people on duty tend to work half a day, so if you decide to stay out late without any means to get home, you might end up sleeping out or getting home extra late and tired. 

Don't Serve the Food Late 

The unforgivable sin. Please do not make the mistake of serving lunch by 4 p.m. or dinner by 11 p.m.

At that point, I am uninterested. I don't know if it is just me; I cannot stand this mistake. My point is, plan your cooking to suit the time you are expected to serve. 

Don't forget to make the food yummy, or else your guests will spit it out. I have no issue doing that.


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  1. These are so TRUE. I have to admit though, I've broken a couple over the years. Serving food late has NEVER ever happened though! I hope some of my ummmm, family reads this though haha hint hint

  2. the food moments are the hardest on me. It's my first Christmas without my grandma and I know there will a lot of food with her best recipes and I know I will be sad and overeat as a result

  3. Borrowing is absolutely not a great idea. Thanks for mentioning.

  4. Not only during christmas, all these I believe should be avoided in general too. It helps relationships...

  5. Yeah definitely we should avoid the things like borrowing. It's not a good habit not only in Christmas even in our daily life as well.