Aside from the difference in location, culture, and lifestyle of these countries (Nigeria and Italy), there is a  huge difference in their constitutions which means there are things you can do in one country and get punished for while in the other country you can go scot-free. I have had the opportunity to live in these countries (Nigeria and Italy), so I will be enlightening you on things you can get away with in Nigeria but be arrested for if such is practiced in Italy.


In Nigeria, anyone could start a business at any time without announcing or declaring to anyone only business owner whose line of business requires registration takes extra steps in notifying the government about their businesses. For instance, a corn-seller, restaurant owner, or local housing agent does not need to get a special permit from the government before they commence a business, all they have to do is get a space and start running their business. I remember leaving for my former job to start my business, I commenced without any form of registration but as my business expanded, I felt the need to upgrade my business by registering my business with CAC and I also applied to get a TIN no for my company which I got after some weeks.  My point is, even if entrepreneurs don't get necessary financial support from the government, Nigerians are free to start-up their businesses without government policies that are aimed at discouraging them from starting. 

In Italy, the case is different, you cant start any form of trade without notifying the government. Formally letting the government know about your business is very necessary, depending on your area of specialization, you might still need to register under other agencies that will further approve the startup of your business, keep in mind that all this registration requires payment and your initial payment is not the end of your debt to the government you have to renew your payment when due and above all, you have to pay tax.


In Nigeria it is either you go to school or learn a trade and at the completion of your training, you have the freedom to start working either for a company or for yourself. Handymen are also free to acquire a space that can be used as a workshop but in Italy, handymen such as electrician, welder, plumber or Gardner cant not practice except they are educated and are graduates of the jobs they intend to practice. If anyone practices without the necessary qualifications there will be a problem. 

This simply means that a Nigerian electrician or caterer who migrates into Italy cannot practice because they are not qualified. 


In Nigeria, almost anybody can decide to sell alcohol and the sellers are not responsible for who decides to buy from them. This means an underaged person can buy alcohol without getting into trouble but in Italy, you must have a license to sell alcohol, and selling to an underage person could get you into trouble. Since 10th Jan 2010, It is illegal to sell, serve, or offer distilled alcohol to those under the age of 18 or any alcoholic drink to those under 16.


In Nigeria, you can defend yourself if being robbed or if protecting your life and property requires killing the intruder, so be it but in Italy, if you're being robbed and you killed the burglar to defend your life and property, you will be arrested and charged with murder and the family of the thief can further sue you for killing one of their own but as at 5th May 2017, the Italian parliament approves the expansion of this law protecting homeowners fear for their life. The new law allows the citizen to legally kill burglars who break into homes "at night" as part of legitimate defense. The current legislation stipulates that people must have a reasonable ground to fear for their life to avoid being charged with murder.


In Nigeria, people are free to fish or hunt for animals either for commercial or personal reasons the most important is to have the skill on how to get results but in Italy, anyone caught hunting or fishing without special permission will be arrested and also hunting or fishing in a restricted area could get you into trouble.


While living in Nigeria, I have had quite a number of pets and I don't remember registering them or declaring I own them. Pets lovers in Nigeria are free to have whatever kind of pet they want but in Italy, all forms of the pet must be registered for at the age of three months, a dog must be registered at the local ‘dog bureau’ (anagrafe canina).

If you own Cows and goat for the business purpose all your cattle must be registered which qualifies them to have an identification number and occasionally a veterinary doctor visits your farm to vaccinate them.


Back at home to get the meat you have you visit the closest meat-seller (Eleran) to purchase one of your choices, nobody is interested in the biography of the animal that was killed all we want is meat. In Italy, all meat sellers must have a small card which is placed on the meat to state the origin, sex, date of birth, the date animal was killed, and place the animal was killed. Without providing these pieces of information you are not permitted to sell.


The worst punishment given to one who sells expired items in Nigeria is to return the item either to get a refund or replacement but in Italy any store caught selling expired items will be shot down. There are special police who go around supervising vendors, checking out for items with any form of defect.


when I lived in Nigeria, I am very guilty of buying and using the drug without the doctor's recommendation as a matter of fact Pharmacist are free to sell to anyone all you have to do is visit their office and make a request as long as you can pay for it, you get it but in Italy, no Pharmacist will sell to you without showing them the authorization from the doctor. If any Pharmacist is caught selling drugs without authorization such pharmacy will be closed.

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