Italian foods

Italian cuisines are one of the most appreciated in the world, they are known for the quality of their ingredients than elaborate preparation. Their rich cuisines and creativity in the kitchen have made them the number one country with the best foods.

Personally, I am extremely picky when it comes to food but eating Italian cuisines had helped in unlocking my very strict eating habit. With all this credit to the Italian delicacies, they have quite a number of strange foods that will make you consider and reconsider before eating. Today I will be listing and giving a brief description of some weird Italian food I know of.


These are thin pieces of meat principally made from pork, generally, they are not cooked but the presence of salt in it serves as a preservative as it helps in drawing moisture out from the meat, examples of salumi are Prosciutto(Cotto and Crudo), Mortadella, Pancetta (Liscia, Coppata, Agliata), Coppa, Culatello, Bresaola, Lardo, Sperk, etc. Salumi is kept to cure in the cantina (basement) where the temperature and humidity are being controlled and this process takes 3-12 months before they are mature to sell. This was really strange to me but after a while, I appreciated it and it became one of my favorites.


These are frog legs, they are said to be very tasty and are best served fried or boiled. They are also used to make tasty stocks which are further used to make risotto and pasta delicacies. Most people say they taste like chicken but trust me, I am not interested.

CASU MARZU (Cheese with Worms)

I really don't see myself eating this at any time at all, the thought of it gives me a very bad sensation but it is served as food in the region of Sardinian in Italy. Casu Marzu is said to contain live larvae (maggots) and this cheese is generally made from sheep milk.

This "Delicacy" is often described as the world-threatening cheese and it is illegal as a result of the obvious health issues caused by it, however, it is still sold on the black market.


These terms translate to the octopus in English, they have never been my favorites in terms of pets talk less of foods.  Unfortunately, I was made to eat them, it was a really tough one for me but sincerely they taste great but I won't be having them anytime soon because psychologically I am still yet to accept really eating them as food. They are one of the expensive Italian delicacies but I will rather save my money.


This is horse meat, Yes I know what you are thinking, I have been told it is very tasty with a kind of sweet taste, expensive and well appreciated. Over time it has attracted the attention of consumers as it is high in Iron, it is recommended for athletes, growing children, pregnant women, and anemic patients.


Eating animal brains is not my thing and obviously, you can tell I will not be eating this because it's weird and gives me the creep. Cow brains are restricted in some countries because of the fear of human beings contracting the cow-mad disease but Italy is definitely not one of them.

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