I came across this image on Fb and a question was asked, “ Can any girl stay in this house with her boyfriend?" I was surprised at the no of ladies who admitted they could with some giving the most insane reason I have ever come across. Many are ready to settle for less even if they can initiate a change, how surprising.

It is not wrong but normal to feel like you haven't gotten to a certain point in life because you don't have certain things but not to worry, there are ways you can leave on a budget without anyone suspecting. 


Where to live is always a starting point and anyone opportune to have an apartment should be thankful because many are stacked on the street. Make sure your apartment is something that is not above your capacity, as a single person who is on a budget, a one-room apartment is a perfect idea keeping in mind that it should be kept neat and refreshing.


It comes to a point in the life of people where a car is no longer a luxury but a necessity. For one on a budget, a car is a liability and this is because you will incur more cost on maintenance. Buying yourself some bus tickets to aid your movement is quite inexpensive and a great way to start as you await better days.

Go for Second Class 

If you are really in need of something, it is smart to the first lookout for used items, there are some people who have great maintenance culture and if you are lucky to meet one, you will be sure to find good items at a very good price. Alternatively, you can get yourself a low-cost item and always make sure you look out for sales and coupons.

Forget Eating out 

When living on a budget forget eating in a restaurant or fast food joints because their prices are very unreasonable, it is advisable to cook and eat at home and trust me you will eat more and save more money. You can even take the habit of packaging some homemade food to the office so as to avoid irrelevant spending.

Shop Smart

Don't be one of those who see and buy, considering your level every of your purchase should be well thought.

Quit Habit that feast's on your Pocket 

Any habit good or bad that requires your spending irrelevantly should be deleted for good eg. Drinking, Smoking, or Gambling.

Plan your Time

Never take your one minute for granted, every second should count for you because your life could change within that second you ignored or neglected.


Why spend when you can do it yourself, it is wise to learn as much DIY technique as possible so as to save some coins.


Having the whole world do not really count but your ability to maintain what you have speaks a lot of who you are. It is important to employ a good maintenance culture.

Plan ahead

I don't know if you have noticed, you spend more on events that are not properly planned than those you took your time in organizing. Never wait till the last minute till you make a move, “If you fail to plan you plan to fail.

Prep Food 

When you have the opportunity to cook, it is smart to cook lots so you can prep the rest for later days. For me, this is a good one because you actually spend the same time and energy for either making one or more plates of food.

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