IT'S ALL ABOUT CHRISTMAS (Channeling your funds wisely)

Christmas is here again, I'm already feeling the holiday winds blow through my skin with joy and happiness filled in my heart. I can wait to present and receive gifts, to see the smile on the faces of those I love and to have that one moment to myself, acknowledging the glory and gift the Almighty has placed in the hands of Humanity. It's less than 20 days to Christmas, some are counting their profits, others their losses while some don't even have what to count. In as much as I wish everyone success, Christmas is not actually a time to take statistics of your progress but a time to celebrate the sacrifices you made for others with reference to the sacrifice God made for us. Have you really made any sacrifice?

Many have their interpretation of Christmas which I respect but has anyone actually thought of Christmas as a gift? Christmas for me is “Love giving a gift”. I will like to remind us that it was actually in our unfaithfulness that love dropped this gift that the world is yet to recover from. Christmas is not just about God giving his only begotten son to save the world, Christmas is actually God giving unworthy humans a saviour who happened to be his son. 

Nobody wants his enemy alive or would like his enemies to succeed but love looked beyond the betrayal, sin and unfaithfulness of men to give a priceless gift. I understand buying very expensive gift items for those you really care for at Christmas but it's not all about giving a gift to people you think are worthy of it, come to think of it! Christmas is actually giving gifts to people who are unworthy of love, care and encouragement, giving help to those who you feel should never eat off your plenty and those who are less privileged. 

I don't know what it is but I feel this information should be passed out. I challenge you today to reach out to those, who are not worthy of your love, those that ground you when you were broken, those that spat on you when you needed a place to shower and most particularly, those who are less privileged. Let the Love in you present a gift, not just a gift but a gift that takes something from you.

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