People go through bad and fake relationships every day, the crazy thing is that most people can't tell when they are been used or taken advantage of. You know what? It's time to detoxify yourself from all forms of liability so as to focus on making this year a fulfilled one. The company of good people is more than a blessing, I will describe it to be a rebirth, an opportunity to make it right and all good people deserve to be happy, the company of great people makes life amazing. Below, I will be sharing with you 10 people you must drop in other to make your new year a healthy one.


I want to start by saying there is no perfect person on earth, everyone has their floors and it is important to mention that change is inevitable. Nevertheless, one person you should avoid the most is ungodly, having ungodly people around you is like playing with a naked wire. There is the fear of them contaminating you and also, these set of people can hurt you without blinking an eye, the absence of the fear of God in them make them dangerous to mingle with. There is room for "change" but it is advisable to assist this kind of person from a distance.


These categories of people are always spitting flames, they carry strong energy that makes it impossible for good things to operate. Their general language is hate and discouragement, I'm sure you don't want to have people hating and discouraging you constantly.


Violence is something that shouldn't be entertained or supported for any reason, that's why you should get rid of any representative of violence. If you have people who are always willing to curse, fight or destroy things, it's time to take a walk for good.


Its time to delete anyone or anything who exalt themselves to prove a point, these group of people are professionals in talking others down, making themselves the almighty, they find pleasure announcing their achievement with the aim of making others feel lesser to them.


Anyone who is quick to judge you should be left outside your new year circle. One of the responsibilities of a good friend is to respect the choices you have made, giving you advice based on what is right but not to judge you. People who are quick to crucify you should be disconnected from asap...


Those who want what you have and those who always have your name in their mouth should be kicked out of your life without a second chance. Never play blind to this kind of people, I know you know them, its time to delete them.


An opportunist takes advantage of the slightest avenue to do things favorable to him or her at the expense of others. An opportunist thinks in a selfish way which makes others secondary to them. Maintaining a relationship with this kind of person will make you a victim soon.


Everyone lies, either for the best interest of the other party or for their selfish interest but a friend that constantly gives you a reason to doubt them should be avoided. Trust is a vital part of a relationship but if it is lacking I think there is no need to remain in such a relationship.


You should have no business being with an offensively impolite person, it is easy for people to tag you the same as them, for crying out loud nobody wants to be seen in the company of a bad-mannered person.


These set of people takes pleasure in being cruel and mean to other people, they take pleasure in afflicting others with pain. They are a NO, NO, for me and I think they are not the best people to hang around with.

Of the truth, some friends are irreplaceable but shaking the bad once off will give an opportunity for the better once to come in. I hope you found this helpful?, If so, do well to comment, like, share and subscribe, God bless you.

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