A new year automatically starts a new phase in the life of the majority, some already have their new year resolution outlined so as to work towards being a better person. You can be what you want if you have the willingness and readiness to divorce things capable of denying you of your success. The new year comes with endless opportunities which can be explored to achieve maximum profit, it is important to stay away from vices capable of making your New year a nightmare. Below are 10 things to drop in the new year in order to be a better person.


It is important to make God the foundation of any decision you make, he is the only one who can bring your desires to reality. In God, we have a free cheque that can be cashed at any time and everyone has a place in him. The first thing you have to get rid of is a nonchalant attitude towards the things of God, dropping ungodliness is a great way of starting the new year as doing this will help in making all crooked road straight.


This is a trait capable of killing any possibility of productivity. The good things of life are as a result of the energy produced by positivity. One with negative vibes carries an energy that makes it impossible for success, joy, and happiness to operate, so disconnect yourself from any form of negativity in the new year.


This is a lazy man's apology, the spirit of procrastination has succeeded in making men lose out on life-changing opportunities. You have to break free from the chain of “I Will” and jump into the bus of “Let's Get It!”. It is time to stop sleeping on things or opportunities that will make your tomorrow a better place. If you can do it today why leave it until tomorrow.

Bad Habits

The unpleasant behaviors one exhibits are capable of keeping people far from them mostly because they are sick and tired of your inability to control yourself. If you like it or not, relationships play a vital role in your success story but in a situation where you have destroyed valuable relationships because of the unpleasant things you do, tell me what your future will be? It is difficult to control these habits especially when you have been exhibiting them for the longest but trust me when I say "You can manage it".

Bad Friends

The company of bad friends is a free ticket to destruction. You can make your New year a better one by shaking off all kinds of bad friends. It's time to destroy the card of “I want to make them better”. It is advisable to help them from a distance else you will get contaminated and trust me when I say “, Nothing good can come out of such relationship”, the best you will get is troubles and distractions.

Impulsive Buying

One secret of success is the ability to maintain all you have acquired and this includes the ability to manage your finances. Avoid making unplanned purchases, your purchase should be based on necessity. You have to quit being an irresponsible spender.


You have to employ a level of firmness or strictness in your way of life. Structuring your life is generally saying YES or No to something or someone and it takes discipline to stand by your YES(s) and your NO(s). To make your desire a reality in 2018, you have to take the bull by the horn, which simply means being the driver of your own life. Do not permit anyone or anything to use your life for a race, being disciplined does not make you wicked but responsible.


It is important to get rid of anything or anyone that represents fear in your life, this act will help in making your success story a reality in the new year. Take the bold step of intentionally rejecting all unpleasant emotion that finds there way into your thoughts because fear comes with a strong presence of doubt that leaves you making wrong choices.


Nobody wants to associate with the proud, even God despises them. Tell me, If God is against you, who can be for you? It's time to change your ways else your Waterloo is near.


This is one practice that must be dropped or reduced to the barest minimum in other to have a peaceful and stress-free life. It is important to adopt a good management culture as it will assist you in being independent of any form of borrowing. A wise man once said, “ A man that sponsors your wealth has your future in his pocket”. Why not quit this act and give yourself rest of mind.

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