The year 2017 happened to be a year where the weirdest and unbelievable things turned to be trendy, everyone was crazy about things that I see as disturbing and unnecessary. So, I took out time to give a list of trends that should die, allowed to rest in peace and any attempt to reincarnate them should be disapproved. I will like to state that some of the items on my list are not applicable to all nationalities, these are some random disturbing things within and outside my community that gets my brains boiling.


I don't know if you are but I am fine and contented with having my eyebrows on fleek. I really don't know the kind of demon that possessed the fashion industry, prompting them to introduce the snake looking brows. The wavy or snaky brows have always been a “NO” for me and I think, this trend should die with 2017.


It is difficult to understand why people feel like messing with the devil is cool, I just don't get it. This board is also known as a spirit board or talking board, which came to limelight in 2016 after the release of the Hollywood's Thriller/Action film titled Ouija- Origin of Evil. Throughout 2017, the Ouija board became a trend all over the internet, some people went as far as making videos, giving us the opportunity to watch them while they play. I'm still yet to understand why people want to communicate with spirits. Ouija board is another trend that should rest in peace with 2017.


I like me some descent ripped jeans but If you overdo it by showing me all your thighs and butt, I think there is a problem. Over ripped jeans gets me thinking your brain is ripped or you need some medical attention, For God sake, it is not a thing to continue with, please this trend should stop, die and rest in peace with 2017.


I'm sick and tired of fake news, people giving out wrong information to get view should stop and die with 2017.


This is one of the most purchased and used toys of 2017, some went as far as buying themselves a $1000 worth fidget spinner. They are addictive and in the case of an accident, they can be very dangerous and above all, I am tired of seeing them all over the mall so, they should go with 2017.


What makes you think we a happy seeing your underboobs? You feel fine stepping out of your house with under your boobs exposed, it's not just normal and should die with 2017.


This is the most annoying and delusive trend of 2017, people titling their contents to attract people to click on them. The other day I saw a video titled how to make money through e-commerce and the video was a lady talking about how her husband destroyed her financially. Please tell me, what is the relationship between the title and the content. This should stop and die in 2017.


I am tired of scrolling through Instagram with my sunshade on, the makeup community is using so much highlighter that you need a sunshade to protect your eyes from their rays. This should stop and remain dead with 2017.


Please, Please and Please, I am tired of seeing the “KingQueen” on the headline of entertainment news. 2017, has been a big year for Bob and I feel it's time for us to trash him and stop making news out of him. This trend should be buried with 2017.


Meaningless slang should be killed and not allowed to see the light of day again. All the Slay queens and kings, O se- badest and barbies should give us peace in 2018.


In 2017, people were very quick to drop negative comments on the internet, cyberbully was at its climax and I feel this trend is not worth taking into 2018 so it should be buried with 2017.


Don't you think five layers of foundation is way too much? Please let's let this trend rest in peace with 2017, I am tired of seeing people mask themselves with foundation and excessive makeup.


Hey, where are my Gucci Gang? I beg, in the name of 2018, please let the Gucci trend end with 2017. I am so tired of everyone wearing Gucci, It makes me feel like Gucci is no longer a designer. Everyone in 2017, wanted to be part of the Gucci Gang which has helped in making the brand worthless, coupled with the fact that even the Chinese market has assisted in replicating the Gucci Items. Gucci has made a lot of money off us in 2017, let's just let the trend die.


This is the last on my list and this is because I want to emphasise more on this subject. I really don't understand why people without celiac disease eat gluten-free foods, this is one insane thing people are proud of doing. This situation can be likened to one who can walk but decides to use a wheelchair. If you don't have a celiac disease, you have no business depriving yourself of Gluten which is a natural protein in foods that helps to hold them together.

The most annoying thing is that those producers are now making gluten-free pet foods. Can someone please tell me, since when has dogs started being sensitive to Gluten?

These insane trends listed above should be left dead and not allowed to see any form of light, above all 2018 is hear with better opportunities which I think we should explore. I hope you found this helpful? If so, do well to like, comment and share. Thanks

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