Compliment of the season once again, I'm so excited to have you here, I pray you to find the Joy, Happiness and Pleasant surprises God has in store for us in 2018.

It's no doubt that almost 60% of the world's population has or is in the process of documenting their new year resolution.  The new year resolution is the willingness of a person to either change, maintain, or denounce to a habit, trait, or behavior with the aim of being a better person in a new year. It is very easy to make a list of things you intend to achieve in the new year, but most times our written intent is not realized because you lack the fuel to actualize them. Below, I will be guiding you on three things you need in actualizing your new year resolution effortlessly.


It is important to make God the foundation of any decision you make, he is the only one who can bring your desires to reality. After making your New year resolution list, it is important to table it before God, asking him for the strength and ability to actualize your intents.

One who fails to observe this step has successfully written another list they will battle within years to come. His word says, “Come unto me, all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest”. Your new year resolution can only be a reality if God shows you mercy, so why struggle to do it yourself when you have a father willing and ready to help you.


To see your New year resolution turn into reality, you have to put in work to actualize it. It is very easy to aim at being a millionaire in 2018, but tell me how this will manifest, if you simply stay at home to sleep, update your status on all social media platforms and pray. It won't work! Even if you pray 24/7, there will be no change in your bank account except you work to earn it. The work of your hands is a medium through which God uses to reach out to those who are in need and desires a change of story
  • If you desire to become a Millionaire, you have to work hard.
  • If you desire to stop using drugs, you have to go to rehab.
  • If you desire to improve your marriage, you have to see a marriage counselor.
  • If you desire to stop drinking, you have to stop visiting bars and hanging out with people who drink. etc.

Work is essential in walking in the reality of your New year resolution, so don't be in a haste to give up, you are simply striving to see your desires come to a reality.


You have to employ a level of firmness or strictness in your way of life. The New year resolution is generally saying YES or No to something or someone and it takes discipline to stand by your YES(s) and your NO(s). To make your desire a reality in 2018, you have to take the bull by the horn, which simply means being the driver of your own life. Do not permit anyone or anything to use your life for a race, being disciplined does not make you wicked but responsible.

It's okay if they call you names or make you feel bad, don't worry, you can live with that. Hold on tight to your intent and build a wall of discipline around yourself, do not deviate for any reason because one mistake can render your hard work useless. 
  • If you desire to be closer to God, stay far from unbelievers.
  • If you desire to stop gossiping, Stay far from gossipers.
  • If you desire to lose some weight, work at it religiously, etc.
Your new year resolution can change from its paper and ink form to reality if you believe, most importantly employ these three important keys. I hope you found this helpful, do well to comment, like and share, Thanks.

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