HOW TO BE A BETTER STUDENT (Actualising your Academical Goals)

You don't have to be a need to be successful in school, all you need is hard work, focus, and courage to make that shift that will place you at the top of your class or department.

Being the smart kid is the dream of almost all students but how many students are ready to pay the price? Academicals success is attainable if you are devoted in making it happen, a simple change in mindset can make it happen for anyone, You can start by looking at the mirror and telling yourself "I can", above all you have to engage in working in other to see your proclamation in reality. It's okay if the rate at which you accumulate is very low, it's okay if your learning frequency is not stable, but these keys am about sharing with you will help you in making a positive change in your academics, to actualize your academicals goals, you have to be.


To be a better student: 
  • You have to be tasty for success. 
  • You have to crave for a change. 
  • You have to be passionate about is what you want to be. 

Nonchalant attitude toward school works will not benefit you in any way. Your zealous attitude is the fuel that will push you in making the right choices toward been a successful student.


You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.” -Tremendous Jones.
You have to surround yourself with friends who are well to do academically, the presence of these people in your life will challenge you to be a better person and above all, you can take advantage of the relationship to learn more from them. Joining groups that consist of smart kids is one of the best things you can do for yourself if you are that kid that doesn't have much to offer. Of the truth, some of these kids might turn you down but persistence to get what you want is not a bad idea.


This is a very important aspect of being successful academically, lazy students are never academically successful, only those who put in work turns out to be the best. Hard work entails Keeping your notes to date, studying, Making research, Listening in class, Joining your study buddies to work on being the best students, etc.

Keeping your notes to date

Most students find these very tiring but with no doubt this is one of the attributes of a responsible and well to do students. Your school notes are one of the resources that helps you in being a better student and the reason is not far-fetched, your notes are one of the fastest and convenient materials you can always go back to for studying. Your notes a majorly materials made by your teacher to make learning easier for you mostly because going by the textbook may turn out confusing but your subject teacher has gone out of their way to simplify this material for your benefit and the worst thing you can do to your self is not taking advantage of these resources when they are available.


With an updated note, you always have a simplified material to study with. Going through all you have studied in class is a great way of expanding your knowledge, in doing this you have to find a suitable time, a specific duration, and create a study timetable.

Different students have what works best for them, you have to find your comfort zone in studying. Personally, I enjoy reading at day, even if I am in the middle of a market I can't get distracted but the longest I can study is for 2hrs  anything outside this duration will be a waste of time because I won't be able to comprehend.

Making research

Do not limit yourself to what is thought in the class only, you can go ahead to make external research. This extra step will help you in getting a clearer understanding of whatever you are not getting properly. If you are one of those students who find it difficult to understand their teachers, making research from different books, people, and the internet, will assist you in understanding better.


There are some students who get 100% accumulation by simply staying focused and listening to the teacher in class. Getting a gadget that will help you in keeping a record of the voice explanation of your teacher will come handy and very useful. Replaying these notes will help such students accumulate some more.


Be open to learning, don't be shy to ask questions in class, interacting with your teacher will help you in being a better person. Also, feel free to participate in the class exercise by joining your mate to actualize tasks.


As a student aiming for success, you have to be responsible in school activities. Your school assignments should always be done by you, you should always ensure to do your assignments at the right time not 20 minutes to submission.

Paying attention in class is another way of being a responsible student. When the teacher is doing an explanation is not a time to copy your notes, it's not a time to gist or play, you have to give undivided attention to whatever your teacher is talking about.

I am not the best person to preach this aspect but the truth must be told. Try as much as possible to be punctual to school so as not to miss out on classes.

In your quest for being a responsible student, you should fight procrastination with all your might. Do your school works at the right time and above all do it well, your Television or games should never be a priority.


Make sure to take proper rest, avoid staying up for too long, following this advice will help in making your body ready for the next task and above all help you in absorbing more information in class.

A change will not come until you inculcate one, so putting extra effort to be a success shouldn't be a big deal. I hope you found this helpful? If so, do well to drop me a comment, and like, you can make my day by simply sharing this post.

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