The feeling of being your own boss is quite overwhelming, which makes me feel like this is one of the reasons everyone is craving to be an entrepreneur. Generally, an entrepreneur is addressed to those who have chosen a career pattern that will permit them to start their business and take financial risks with the hope to make a profit. As an entrepreneur with diverse business experience, I will describe an entrepreneur to be an independent adventurer who sees and takes advantage of things people sees nothing in. For instance, the social media platform is a vital key many have overlooked but the entrepreneurs are taking advantage of these platforms to earn a living and above all live a good life.

Entrepreneurs are majorly surrounded by things capable of distracting and discouraging them from holding on to their believes because the opportunities they see is not seen by most people, which make them the odd one in the circle. The beauty of an entrepreneur unveils at the blossom of their business and it is indeed a great thing. Below I will be sharing with you how to start your entrepreneurial quest with the aim of redefining your general concept of entrepreneurial.


I want to start by saying “ You have to dream it in other to see it". One of the general characteristics of entrepreneurs is the ability to dream, the ability to paint their future with their imagination. I understand you have it all planned out but take out some hours to live in your plans. This strategy is not just applicable to the entrepreneurs only, people in other fields of expertise have tried this and it has proven to work.

Your entrepreneurial quest starts with the simple step of dreaming, taking out time to live in the actualization of your anticipated intents. Your dream is one thing that will keep you going, people might call you names but working towards the actualization of what you see is a fuel that never runs dry.


Preparation is a big part of entrepreneurial, this entails working towards the actualization of your dreams. "Your dream will remain dreams without the application of work". In starting your business, you need to acquire fundamental training on whatever trade you intend to specialize in, it is very easy to smell incompetence and this is something most consumers cannot deal with. If you claim to be a fabric dealer, you should have a wide knowledge of different fabrics, this will give you an edge over others, and above all, this will give your customer a level of security because they know you're not a novice in the business.

Another major preparation you have to do is getting your paper works done. Depending on the level of heights you intent to scale, following the rules and regulations of officially starting a business is very necessary. I remember leaving my former job to start my business, I commenced without any form of legal registration but as my business expanded, I felt the need to upgrade my business by registering with CAC, I created my companies bank account and I also applied to get a TIN number for my company which I got after some weeks. Taking these little steps will help in skyrocketing your business to the next level, It will also give you the opportunity to work with people in high places.


“A true entrepreneur does not walk to opportunities but fly on them”. As an entrepreneur, you should be able to identify opportunities that will change your career story for the better. Avoid feeling reluctant to make a move and above all refuse yourself to be a victim of procrastination, move when you have to and rest when you have to because one right move can blow your business up.

Months after I stop working for a multinational company, I prepared towards starting my own company, I made some move that got me some little profits but at August 2014, I made my first hit of close to a million by simply taking advantage of the Ebola outbreak in my country.

There was another event that my close friend was involved in where she had the opportunity to get useful resources for $200 but she procrastinated, as at the time she went back for the same material, it was being sold for $10,000. My point is, you have to be focused so you can identify and take advantage of useful opportunities.


An entrepreneur does not have a stable income, unlike the salary earner. It is very possible for us to make a million today but in the next twelve months we can't boast of three hundred thousand and this is the major reason we have to plan towards the rainy day.

The time of blossom is not a time to buy the latest gadget, it is another opportunity to invest with the aim of reaping in a later day. Your profits should not be used to throw parties, you have to save your money with the intent of doubling and expanding your business when the economy permits. 

I hope you found this helpful in guiding you towards starting your own business, If so, drop me a comment, like and share, thanks.

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