STORY TIME : She Is So Evil

I am not one of the many people who sees it as necessary to greet other people which is not what my culture teaches. Most times people talk bad about you and automatically categorise you as a bad person, disrespectful or an untrained child because you didn't greet them. This could be quite depressing when you find out you have more haters as a result of not greeting.

Depending on my mood, I can greet everyone on earth but if am not like it, I will simply go my way without smiling or saying anything to anyone. As I grew Older, I felt the need to avoid letting my emotions defined my behaviour so I loosened up a bit, I started greeting people and being more jovial.

I met this woman ( MRS. T)  in church, She seemed so nice and loving, she speaks with people I love and I got to meet her every service day so I started greeting and reciprocating her gesture. She had a business which I knew off so I started patronizing her. The good in me showed this time! Thou, people were saying all sorts about her but I really wasn't interested because the relationship I had with her was not something serious.

It happened that I stopped attending church for a long time because of my busy schedules but one faithful Saturday, I decided to attend the workers meeting because I was available. When I got to the auditorium, I saw a good friend of mine who happened to be my house fellowship leader sitting directly behind MRS.T so I decided to sit on the available seat at the left-hand side of my friend. This was when it  happened, MRS.T turned her head back to say hello to my friend them she started a conversation

MRS. T: Are you still visiting the (A family) that's My family

My friend: Yes

MRS. T: But they have not been coming to church, why are you wasting your time? Ask the church to transfer you to another unit.

My Friend: They've been busy

MRS. T: Busy doing what?

My Friend: ( Turned to me and said to her) Ask her.

When MRS. T saw me, she started stammering but I ignored her and did not answer any question she asked me. But guess what? I lived above that event and continue being who I was with her.

Time passed, I was still doing me and working hard to earn some coins but something happened. On my way out one morning, I passed in front of MRS. T's store, when she saw me, she quickly ran out and said

MRS. T: Ah! Gloria, how are you?

Me: I am fine, Good morning.

MRS. T: Okay, Bye Bye

I smiled and continued walking, I really can't tell what it was but I felt the need to turn and lo and behold, I caught MRS. T sizing me up in a very negative way.  I am sure my Nigerian family can relate.

Omg! I was mute for 20 seconds and the crazy thing was that when I caught her she immediately started smiling at me. Of a truth, I was really confused and I felt bad, at a point I taught I was imagining stuff so once again, I choose to overlook it. Can you imagine, how evil that act is?

That's not all, another event happened. On that faithful day, I was going out with my mum but because I was a fast walker, I was ahead of her so MRS. T saw me first, again

MRS. T: Gloria, how are you?

Me: I am fine, thank you.

MRS. T: How are mummy and daddy?

Me: They are fine.

So I continued walking but this time my mummy who was at our back caught her sizing me up once more. By the time MRS. T was done with her act, she turned and she shockingly found my mum. Of course, my mum told me and I explained other events that happened to her, my mum was so mad and yes everyone in the family stopped greeting her but the insane woman won't just let me be, anytime she sees me,

MRS. T: haha! You are changed, you don't greet me anymore.

And of course, I kept ignoring her, some people are just meant to live in their stock forever. Can you Imagine how long she has been doing that to me? Smiling at me, when her taught for me were evil. I am so grateful to God that I caught her and that I didn't have a serious relationship with her because this kind of person is capable of killing the other party.

I hope you found my first story time interesting, If you want me to do more story times, let me know in the comment section below.

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