Hi everyone, hope all is going well with you? Based on the previous post I shared on protective styling, I think giving you an update on events that happened after I loosened my hair will be very necessary. For this reason, I created a video Content to guide you in maintaining your hair during protective styling period.

As you all know or if you are not aware, I had my hair in a protective style for four weeks, this happened to be the longest I have carried my hair. The major reason I decided to carry it for so long is that before now I protective styled my hair which I carried for two weeks, after losing it, my hair grew longer and I didn't experience much breakage. These result encouraged me in carrying it for four weeks because I felt, If caring it for two weeks gave me such results, carrying it for four weeks will give me a better result. 

Before going into details on the final result I got, let me share with you how I cared for my hair during my protective styling period, in the video above I gave a brief demonstration showing how I do it. Depending on the form of protective style you have on, you should always aim at cleaning your scalp so as to get off dirt and hair damaging agents. I protective styled my hair in a Bantu knot, I clean twice in a week and my routine consisted of cleaning my scalp with the use of cotton wool and rose water, I also moisturise the ends of my hair so as to avoid them from drying out.


I will categorise my last experience of protective styling as a "Fail", my reasons being that my hair broke excessively. The whole reason for protective styling is to avoid the hair from breaking during very cold seasons but mine did. The only good thing was that I gained some length which I am happy and grateful for.


Do not carry your protective hairstyle for more than four weeks.
Clean regularly to get out dirt on the scalp.
Moisturise the ends of your hair, for the best result.

I hope you found this helpful, follow the guides I provided to see your hair at it's best. If you found this content helpful, do well to drop me a comment below also you can make my day by simply sharing the post. Thanks.

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