GET YOUR FREE COPY OF "Bestseller Self-Publishing Playbook 1" by Catherine Mayokun Egwali

Hello, my people, I am so sorry I have not been posting consistently, I have been busy here and there trying to get things together for myself and of course for my family, little did I know that I will stay this long without getting in touch with you guys. Enough of my plenty story abeg, I have something good for you all and the great news is that it is free.

This resource you about to get for free has a limited time in which you can assess it and I am sure serious-minded people can use the contents of this item to change their financial story. The free biz I have for you this week is a book, yes a book but this time it is a book with great content. If you are interested in making some extra coins through writing just stick around a little and you will get the juicy part of this gist.

I don't know if you've heard of Catherine Mayokun Egwali? If not I command you to get out of that rock you've been hiding. Lol, let me brief you. Catherine Mayokun Egwali is the co-founder of Switem Technology Solutions, a technology solutions company that helps business owners to solve problems and achieve their goals through the use of technology. She is also an ICT Business Consultant with several years of experience in the ICT industry. She has gotten over £5000 worth of quality competence development training (both paid and free) and now helps others to grow their competence via life-transforming learning opportunities. In 2009, she was awarded the prestigious NYSC Presidential Honours award for her contribution to her nation during her national service year. During that period, she was involved in organizing youth empowerment programs, ICT training, the establishment of an ICT center for the community secondary school she served in, as well as other community development services. She currently helps business owners to grow their competence, earn more money, and grow their business via technology solutions and the development of a competent entrepreneurial mindset. This has been observed to save them on business cost, earn an additional income, and get results without being overworked, or losing out on forward-moving opportunities. She is also the multiple bestselling authors on Amazon and some of her books include

The Competent Entrepreneur: How to hack your way to competence via quality training at low or no cost.

Get Started: Start and grow a profitable business. A quick- start guide for entrepreneurs who want to work from home.

The bestseller self-publishing playbook series: What Should I Write About

I have been opportune to read these books and I can tell of a fact that they ain't junks. Currently, her most recent publication The bestseller self-publishing playbook series: What Should I Write About is one of the tops on my list, it gives you realistic ways of self-publishing your book on Amazon at a very low cost. Personally, I call this book a tutorial on how to be a self-publisher, it has all you need to make your writing dreams come true. The book is self-explanatory and all the necessary tools needed for meeting your writing goals are all embedded in this book. I can go on and on telling you about what I think of this book but I feel I have said too much already let me let you be the judge.

Catherine is giving all the Classic9ija family the opportunity to get this book for free for a limited time after which you will have to pay to get them. Without wasting your time below are some pieces of information on how to get your copy of this book and I will advise you to watch out for the subsequent series.

To get your copy of the Bestseller Self-Publishing Playbook 1

Here is the direct link:

If you experience difficulties with obtaining a copy, try the following steps:

2. Enter the direct link in the web address section of the web proxy
3. Choose the US as the Proxy Location.
4. Click on “Browse Anonymously".
5. Click on Purchase Book. Enter your Name and Email address and you will be redirected to the order page.
6. Select “Buy now with one click” to make your purchase.
7. Sign in with your Amazon account or create a new account. If asked to verify your account since you appear to be logging in from the USA, follow the instructions given to verify your account.

To read the book on your Kindle device,
2. Download a free Kindle app for your computer, tablet, or smartphone at:
3. Login to your Kindle app with the account you used to make the purchase, you will have access to the book to read.

The proxy link is for those in Locations such as Nigeria so as to enable them to access the book to buy.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. Thanks

Ps: please kindly leave a helpful review once you download and read the book

I hope you found this helpful, drop me a comment below to let me know what you think.

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