LIFE AS A SINGLE MUM - Get your free copies of Get Back the Groove in You: For young single mothers who desire to live free and be happily married by Tolulope Aina-Moriyonu

The efforts invested in single-handedly raising children are something that should be commended however the society has stereotyped the products of such circumstances as not "good enough". This stereotype is majorly found among the communities that claim to be overly religious or culture driven. How you got yourself into this does not really matter to me but what am about to share with you is something you will come back to thank me for.

As you can tell by the title, I have some goodies for the single mothers in the house but before I hand it over, I will like to give you a background story. A day after the Easter celebration, my good friend chatted me up to tell me of resources which I eventually saw yesterday by 5 am, her major concern was for me to talk about this with as many people as possible through my blog but the thing was that I didn't know what to say to you guys and I don't know the best way to present the material to y'all, the major reason being that this is not a topic I can relate to and above all I didn't know the writer so I wasn't sure if the contents were good enough. 

These doubts of mine made me take out time out of my busy schedules to read this book, I started reading this book as at 9 am this morning and at about 11 am, I was in its final page.
Y'all, this book is loaded. It might not answer all your questions but the aspects it covers will help you sit above all limitations you have placed on yourself as a single mother. This book was written by one who has passed this same road and is happily married to the man of her dreams. This book identifies all those struggles you know as a single mum and will prefer solutions that have proven to work in the life of many and of course in the life of its writer Tolulope Aina-Moriyonu.

My time is super valuable to me but the few hours I gave to this book were indeed an experience. For this reason, I am calling out all single mothers who are willing to see the light at the end of the tunnel to take advantage of the opportunity to get this book for free after which it will be sold at a cost, take this advantage now and if by peradventure you find this post after the biz periods are over, paying a token for this book is not a waste.

The Book's Description

While there are different circumstances that could lead to being a single mother, the essence of this book is to reach out to single mothers who made mistakes and are probably overwhelmed by their current circumstances with a desire to gain acceptance and be married to the man of their dreams. This book will show the will of God in certain areas of your life, teaching you how to align with the will of God in those areas to get the desired results.

I understand that the life of a single mother is usually surrounded by many pressing needs and lots of responsibilities and while there are many needs this book could be addressing in your life, the essence is to focus on YOU., This is also because you are often obliged with many responsibilities that make you care and worry about everyone else but yourself. We sometimes try to be strong for our kids while we burn with so much loneliness, hurt, shame, regrets, and desires on the inside. Even though these feelings exist, we are often compelled to ignore them putting up a supposed front just to appear strong as the society expects.

I want to connect with your feelings through the chapters of this book and reveal great lessons that God has taught me and many other single mothers in the years past and how these lessons have transformed our lives into something very beautiful. Many of us are happily married through these lessons and we have even found great fulfillment in a situation we called hopelessly. 

Kindly go download a copy here -
If you experience difficulties with obtaining a copy, kindly try the following steps:
2. Enter the direct link in the web address section of the web proxy -
3. Choose the USA as the Proxy Location.
4. Click on “Browse Anonymously".
5. Select “Buy now with one click” to make your purchase.
7. Sign in with your Amazon account or create a new account. If asked to verify your account since you appear to be logging in from the USA, follow the instructions given to verify your account.
To read the book on your Kindle device, you can either use Kindle cloud reader (which uses a browser) or a Kindle app/device.
2. Download a free Kindle app for your computer, tablet, or smartphone at
3. Login to your Kindle app with the account you used to make the purchase, you will have access to the book to read.
Hope you found his helpful if so let me know in the comment section below.

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  3. This is an amazing read, your contents are awesome, the world need to pay close attention to you.Your article captured the essence of the book and quite a lot of amazing reviews from those who have gotten a copy and for them it was one of the most exposing and educating 3hrs of their lives.I am glad you feel the same.