How to Grow your Hair Longer

Hi everyone, hope you are doing well? I am pleased to mention that today is another special day and the reason is not far-fetched as today we are hosting Namrata Sinha, an Indian travel and Lifestyle blogger who is passionate about travelling, hiking and exploring new places. You can find her at  Facebook- 
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Without wasting much of your time lets get into busy as  she will be sharing with us  Ways on how to Make our hair Longer.

Like our skin, our hair also deserves the best care to be healthy and long. Our lifestyle, diet and health affect the growth of our hair. Growing our hair requires patience but with just a little pampering, you can give your hair the nourishment they deserve for that long and lustrous hair. Follow these tips and make your hair longer.

1.Trim your hair 

Trimming your hair doesn’t really make your hair grow longer or faster but it helps your hair look healthier at the end. If you trim your hair frequently, you get rid of split ends this process does not damage your hair rather split ends damages your hair which cause thinning and breakage of hair. So it’s highly recommended to get rid of those dead hair.

2. Add supplements to your routine

It’s very important to have a healthy and balanced diet for a healthy and long hair. If your hair is not healthy, does not grow longer, check your diet. Sometimes we think we are eating healthy but our body doesn’t receive the vitamins they require to perform. There are a variety of supplements available like biotin and multivitamins which helps in growing the hair longer. These supplements ensure that you get right vitamins and minerals which your body lacks. You can also consult your doctor before taking these supplements.

3. Invest in Hair Conditioner

It’s a big "No" to skip conditioning your hair after having shampoo. Our hair damages with the use of heat styling tools or even when we colour our hair, the conditioner helps in repairing damaged hair, it eliminates dry and frizzy hair. Conditioner seals the cuticle at the end and prevents damage to hair. Deep conditioning gives makes your hair healthy, gives volume and shine and helps it grow longer.

4. Give your hair hot oil massage

Massaging helps in the circulation of blood to the scalp. Stress is not even good for hair and with a good hot oil massage you can actually make yourself relieve all the stress which in result make your hair stronger and healthier. Giving your hair hot oil massage every week will strengthen your hair roots and nourish the hair. Oils such as coconut oil, olive oil or castor oil have vitamins and nutrients which makes your hair longer. Try massaging it every week for 4-5 minutes in a circular motion and you’ll see the difference.

5. Avoid washing your hair regularly

Shampoo helps in removing dirt from your hair but if used regularly it can also take away natural oils from your hair which can cause dryness. If you really want to wash your hair regularly, don't use shampoo instead wash your hair with plain water and condition your hair with conditioner. Whenever you apply shampoo to your hair, do it in a right way. Apply the shampoo to your scalp, massage it so that you can get rid of dirt and wash it off. Always use non-chemical shampoo.

6. Try a DIY hair mask

There is a variety of DIY hair mask you can choose from according to your hair type. The ingredients of hair mask can be found in the kitchen and they are natural. These hair masks help your hair healthy, smooth and silk which enables to grow longer hair. Hair mask ingredients like honey, egg, avocado, olive oil and so on are great natural ingredients which provide nourishment to your hair with overall result in making your hair longer. Click here to get a hair mask recipe

7. Drink Plenty of water

You must have heard this most times drink water and yes it is very important to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. Water flushes out toxin from the body. It is not only essential for our body but it also essential for the hair growth. Lack of water can cause dryness and dehydration. Water make sure your body and hair both are hydrated.

Here are 7 tips on how to grow your hair longer. All you need is patience and apply these tips. Make sure to share your experience with us. Checkout Namrata's blog at where she hosted me.

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  1. This is very informative and helpful.I struggle with my daughter's hair so will be skipping shampooing most times l wash her hair now, thanks to your post.

  2. Great article those with long straight hair. Great benefit to such readers.

  3. I’ve always tried to grow my hair but lately have not thanks for these tips I will try them.

  4. This is really interesting, I mean I won't manage to use this, because I like my hair short, but will send this to a few friends that want long and silky hair, great article.

  5. This is really cool idea and what i am looking for. thank you

  6. This is a cool post and helpful to those that have trouble growing their hair. People often forget that growing hair is as much about what you do to the inside of your body as it is about what you do to the outside.

  7. Amazing tips which I try to do every time. Could you also suggest some tips for increasing volume/ decreasing hairfall?
    -Hunny Bohra
    (The comment will appear in name : Tyro)

  8. Wow! love this idea.! Do you have any suggestion about hair dry? I really need your suggestion thank you.

    1. For the most part, you need to add moisture to a dry hair. I will say you do a mixture of your favourite hair oil plus water. This will help you moisturize better.

  9. Great tips especially the DIY mask. Looking forward to trying that with the recipe posted

  10. Thank you for this reminder. Hair is our crowning glory. Need to take care especially us a woman. Thank you for these wonderful tips.

  11. These are some great tips to grow healthy hair. I like the DIY hair mask idea.

  12. My girlfriend is trying to grow her hair out atm, I think she will find this very useful, thanks!

  13. I have long hair (way below my knees). I don't do anything special...I think its just in my genes. Thanks!

  14. I'll definitely be using some of your tips. I love learning new things to do to my hair. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Great information! I struggled with postpartum hair loss after having my son and even though he is almost a year old now, I'm still waiting for my hair to get back to it's healthy length. Thanks for some helpful tips that I can use to reach this goal!

  16. It's quite easy to do all the task or tips except that I am from a tropical country and that washing our hair regularly in this part of the world is a must. Thanks for sharing such a great and informative post.

  17. It's hard to maintain a long hair but it's a woman's crowning glory so we need to keep it healthy and beautiful. I'm glad summer is over because my hair is looking a lot shinier!
    -Nina Nichols-

  18. Great advice! I struggle to get my hair longer and healthy. Super useful!

  19. I agree, drinking a lot of water sure did help me not only for hair fall but also for good skin

  20. Washing my hair with vinegar also helps to have a healthy long hair. Of course I need to reshampoo it :)

  21. Trimming is so counter intuitive but keeps it healthy!