The role of Nigerian women

Nigeria is the giant of Africa for diverse reasons. Our land is fertile, beautiful, and productive. Yes, we are also famous for not so good things, yet it is essential to state that not all Nigerians enjoy wrongdoings. Nigeria is a blessed nation with incredible natural resources; however, there is a treasure that is always outshined.
Perhaps, the inability of this gem to add to the GDP of Nigeria has caused it to be irrelevant. Calm down! You don't need to send missiles to Nigeria as the treasures I speak of are not buried under our red soils.

Looking for beautiful black women? Well, look no further, let me tell you about Nigerian women.  Some of the attributes discussed below may not apply to some Nigerian women.  On a brighter note, you are not barking up the wrong tree, you will find at least three of the attributes highlighted in this post in a Nigerian woman.


Unlike what media make you believe, Nigerian women, get the opportunity to study, pursue a career, and live life successfully. Yes, this comes as a threat to some of our men, it is believed that the more successful a woman is, the less commitment. Don't ask me! I don't know the crazy one who created these rules. In some cases, the women of Nigeria are made to believe that their success can chase potential husbands. Well, I DON'T CARE. Some women are unapologetic. they are like, "You can either live with my accomplishments or hit the road."
Just like other countries in the world, some people choose not to go to school. It is also fair to mention that some communities in the northern part of Nigeria do not allow western education for reasons best known to them. All things being equal, Nigerian women are educated and are doing exploit in different fields.


Nigerian women wear these three hats, and fit in gracefully; boy do they look good in them. Regardless of her educational background or status, Women of Nigeria are assertive. They hardly allow their life issues to make them feel less than. She wears her crown boldly, even if her dress tells unpleasant stories.

Her assertive nature is considered ugly, mainly because those who fall into this category comes off as a threat. Yes, her voice is bold, she stands by what she believes, and sometimes Nigeria women throw punches to prove their point, but she is not an angry black woman. She is passionate.
You should know that her voice is never taken seriously, so shouting comes handy💪. Shouting or being firm for a Nigerian woman does not mean violence, anger, or rage. It says she is passionate about what she speaks of, and she wants her point to stick. It took my husband years to understand this.

It is also fair to say that inside the assertive fighter lies a rational woman. Her fight and strength work in hand with her ability to rationalize. Nigerian women are thinkers; we give sincere thought to every step we take. We consider every little thing before taking action.

Nigerian women are not weaklings; let's leave it as we go about our fight differently. We have the strength and desire to stand and fight, but because we overthink things, we look for the best way to deliver our fight.  Unfortunately, I am different. When I'm at war, all I want to see are headless bodies. That was a joke 😉.


Religion is an exceptionally essential piece of any Nigerian life, be it Christianity, Islam, or something else. Regardless of how simple convoluted an issue is, be sure to find them engaging their beliefs.

Religion is a remarkable piece of their life; it influences each choice they make, be it Marriage, Works, School, or Family life. Try not to be stunned when you request a Nigerian lady's hand in marriage, and she says, "I will hit you up after I get notification from God." Joking but frankly, Nigerian women are very spiritual, and they hold firm to their faith.


When It comes to Nigerian women, endowments are not limited to the physical. It can also be associated with some abstract features. Nigerian women have a heart of gold,  they have a gem inside that makes them loveable to all, and they are exceptionally likeable individuals. They likewise have incredible physical highlights that make them verifiably pleasant; an average Nigerian woman is a blend of a pretty face, killer bends with brains.


Most Nigerian women are programmed to take the responsibility of preparing the meal for their Family. Cooking is a unique piece of a Nigerian woman's life. Nigerian women strongly believe that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Sometimes Nigerian men go as far as denying themselves food made by their significant other's just to show that they are mad at something. In the same vein, a Nigerian woman feels like there is a bother if her spouse other quits eating the food she has made. At times, Nigerian women confront their partners for not eating the meal they have made. This is no joke, not eating a Nigerian woman's food can get your relationship in trouble.

A good percentage of Nigerian women are incredibly dynamic in the kitchen, and this trademark is a direct result of how they have been raised. It is asked for each female child to stay in the kitchen with their mother when she cooks, with the end goal to set her up for her own Family.


Most Nigerian women are mindful of themselves. They are always in the business of shielding the name of there Family from being disgraced. There are a lot of factors that go into addressing one as decent, majorly, it is based on what we see or know about other individuals. I can't state that every single Nigerian woman is virtuous. For this reason, I will be speaking regarding what I have seen and learned as a Nigerian.

Teaching youngsters the best approach to life is a notable character in the Nigerian Family. Guardians invest their time in developing their kids in a manner which they seem is right with the expectation that they obey and live by those tenets.

Most children born into a Nigerian family have 80% influence from their parents, which makes it very difficult for them to misbehave.  Trust me when I say Nigerian parents don't joke. The firmness of the Family makes the youngsters live and act responsibly. 

This characteristic is something you will dependably discover reflecting in the life of some Nigerian women regardless of the distinction in their personality.


A typical Nigerian lady is family-oriented. A family is irreplaceable in most Nigerian women's life, and she will do anything within her capacity to ensure that they are well taken care of. So don't think that it's unusual when you find a Nigerian lady support her siblings in school or send allowances to her parents consistently.

Building and raising a family is a constant desire in the hearts of Nigerian women. You hardly find one who has no interest in having children of her own. Family and society see it as a thing of pity if a married woman don't have children. And sometimes they are shamed for being "less than."


In most Nigerian families, men are not just the head of the Family, they are also the dictator of the Family. Women find themselves in abusive relationships, and society urges them to remain in such toxic relationships. Nigerian women are shamed for not remaining in their Family. It's just in Nigeria, I hear women say, "I choose to stay with him because of my children."

A decent number of Nigerian women end their relationship because of this issue. I have seen men treat their spouses or girlfriends like trash. Interestingly, nobody is genuinely battling against the maltreatment of women and children in Nigeria.  If you ask me, I will say a change will not come until Nigerian women choose to fight against this evil act.


Nigerian women are incredibly innovative, industrious, and resourceful. If this is your first time learning of Nigeria, it is essential to mention that Nigeria is a developing country. Sometimes things could be really hard. It is easy to discover individuals living in mind-boggling circumstances. A Nigerian woman will be fortunate on the off chance that she has a dependable, responsible, and hardworking husband who knows his duties. If this isn't her case, be sure to find Nigerian women struggling to see that her Family gets fed, and sheltered.

Women who find themselves in unfavourable situations made it a point to buckles down to keep up with her Family's demands. It is possible to find Nigerian women doing humiliating jobs, working extra time, or involving in more than one small trades to make a living.


Regardless of what their income is, most Nigerian women want to look good. Not necessarily to make others jealous, which by the way, is a  very vital part of their effort, but to help them stand out in the best way manageable. Let's leave it as they keep up with trends.


A Nigerian woman switching on you could turn out horrifying. Imagine a light discussion turning to a shouting battle accompanied by some hand gestures, plus rolling of head and eye. These sound scary, but you should not be scared.

A Nigerian woman can get too excited about sharing her opinion. Because she is passionate about the topic she might throw in some attitude, You might find her a little too loud, but she not about to fight you.

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