The level of poverty, stress, and uneasiness in Nigeria can make one bounce into whatever resembles heaven. It is no news of the number of individuals who migrates into Europe by road, endangering their life and that of their families. 

Today, a huge number of individuals enter Italy consistently through the Mediterranean Sea. Majorly on the grounds that Italy is one of the few European countries that helps dying people on the high sea. 
Other European nations have prevailed with regards to shutting their borders, for example, France, Germany, Poland, among others. 

Italy helps with providing shelter, health assistance and ingest immigrants into the Italian System. 

The movement into Europe significantly originates from Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and a vast dominant part happens to be Nigerians.   

It is important to make reference to the fact that there is no war in Nigeria. Nigeria presently is not economically stable but have a politically stable system (Democratic System of government). With that been said; I must mention that the people in power are corrupt. This makes it impossible for the country to succeed. Boko Haram started in the Northern part of Nigeria and is still active. 

Be that as it may, the majority of the general population escaping from Nigeria into Europe are not from the Northern part of Nigeria. 

Italy plays the job of a friend in need without getting sufficient help from other EU nations. This has contributed incredibly to the declining economic situation of Italy. 

Youth joblessness is nearly 40% and Italians are relocating on the grounds that there is no financial chance. 

This brings me to ask; for what reasons are individuals coming into Italy? 

What number of more individuals do you figure the Italian system can take in?

Today the new Italian government has the border shut. Leaving boats on the sea till when any other neighbouring country choose to pick them. Obviously, nobody is eager to acknowledge them. Since this advancement, many have lost their lives in the endeavour to enter Italy. 

There are many things the human traffickers fails to mention to the people they transport.

Individuals are squandering their time, cash and taking a chance with your life to enter Europe with next to zero learning of what they are getting themselves into. 

There is the language barrier, unemployment, high standard of living, cultural difference, high tax rate, the difference in climatic condition etc.

It is disastrous to see individuals jeopardizing their lives by travelling on the Mediterranean Sea with an inflatable vessel. 

At arrival, young ladies are constrained or settles to selling their bodies. In this manner presenting themselves to a wide range of hazard. While men beg for food and cash at the shopping centre or involve themselves in a dirty business. 

There are a couple of Africans working and living in the European framework, yet what are the odds of the others considering that genuine Europeans are finding it difficult. 

There is no programmed achievement in Europe and I wish many can see this. 

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  1. È vero, Gloria! Purtroppo alle testimonianze di tanti maltrattati molte persone. "bene "non credono e tanti di noi si sono abituate le orecchie del cuore... Purtroppo anche i' media' non ne parlano molto.Perche'. . ...???

  2. This was a very interesting and informative read. So little about migrants is covered in the news in Europe, it seems. I feel so bad for everyone in search of a better life, but it seems no where to be found.

  3. Not worth it ? Well, I'm sure you have your reasons

  4. Very much interesting article to read. It was really a sad news knowing other people going to other country wishing to have a better living but different things happened to them.

  5. A very thought-provoking issue.Thanks for bringing this up here

  6. It's sad what's happening around the world economically! I'm happy to live in Canada:) it's good to know though what struggles are happening over there :(

  7. Oh wow. I had no idea all of this was happening. In my mind I thought Nigeria wasn't a bad country and that the people of the country are happy there but your post opened my eyes. It so sad that they have to be looking to another country to live a better life.

  8. WOW!! I had no clue thats all of this was happening! Insane. Thanks for sharing your story.

  9. Wow, I had no idea this was going on. Thanks for some background information on its history.

  10. It's always sad to hear of corrupt governments and people in search of a better life. Hope people are able to find the comfort they long.

  11. What an interesting point of view...often times people are simply not educated about what they are walking into...

  12. I never knew about this. So sad to hear how people are going through now. I hope the Government find solutions with the current issue.

  13. You can never tell that some people in Europe are going through this crisis. It is just so sad to hear this news.

  14. People seem to be risking their lives. This sounds like a very dangerous issue. I hope the conditions improve soon!

  15. This is a very intresting read. I feel you on the corruption of your nation. Itd also a common occurence here in my hometown. Sad but true

  16. So sad to hear this news.. It sounds so crucial, I hope this could be resolve soon.

  17. This is a very sad occurance in all countries, it seems.

  18. I totally agree.. if our officials are corrupt, our econy will never be stable and people will starve to death.. THis is a problem we are having not only in my country but around the world.. It is so sad.


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