Italy is a standout amongst the most desired places on the planet. It has excellent tourist spots, and throughout the years, many individuals have migrated to Italy to live. 

It is no news that reality dawns on many when they enter entirely the Italian system to live. 

Things you feel will get themselves straightened out might turn out to be challenging to attain. 

Being physically, rationally, and genuinely ready is fundamental. 

  • This post will be most beneficial to one who intends to come to Italy to live.
  • I will be discussing from the perspective of a dark-skinned person living in Italy.


Knowing WHY you want to take this step is very necessary. Identifying your WHY will keep you grounded, focused, and distinct. 

There are numerous reasons why you might need to move from your base to Italy. Recognize these reasons, and don't let no one bash you about your intentions. 

Identifying your WHY is very personal, so don't let anybody influence your decision. It's about you, and I don't think anyone is in a position to make you feel awful about your WHY. 


Now that you know the motivation behind why you need to move. Finding ways to discover more insights regarding Italy is the next step. 

Through your research, you can tell if your WHY can be answered or attained in the country you intend to relocate to. In this case, Italy.


In as much as the Italian government is opened to tolerating individuals into their system, nothing works without Italian documents.

In other words, you will be unfit to get the most in Italy until you acquire your residence permit. 

Some of the privileges you will be denied of are getting a job, getting medical assistance from the hospital of your choice, studying, etc.

Residence permit; In Italian Permesso di Soggiorno. You can process and get this document in a department called Questura


Italy is not one of the English speaking European countries. It is essential to have your mindset to learn their language. You should know that the Italian language is very different from English, so you have to be prepared to twist your tongue.

It is only Italians that travel the world speaking Italian or their own local dialect and expects their points to be understood. Don't forget, they use their hands as an extension of the tongue—Lol (Italians use their hand to describe when talking). 


The standard of living in Italy is very high. This makes it difficult or impossible for some to keep up with living in Italy. 

I will say; you should have your purse full before moving into Italy. Alternatively, you can live with an acquaintance who is ready to fit your bill until you are stable.

Accommodation charges are recharged month to month as against Nigeria, which is yearly. (I am a NIGERIAN). The cost of renewing your lease in Italy in a month is identical to the sum you need to lease in a year in Nigeria. 

You have to pay for gas, power, and water, which are most likely not cheap, considering where you are coming from. 


For me, switching to Italian food was a tough one. For the longest, the only food I appreciated of all the Italian foods was Risotto, Pasta, and Pizza, any other food just put me off. 

During this period, I made do with the nourishment I got from home before moving to Italy. 

By the way, I now appreciate almost all Italian recipes, and I have had quite a several things I will ordinarily not eat. 

So if you are picky like me, you ought to go to your local markets for shopping before moving.  

Getting your local food in Italy is possible, but it comes at a cost. 

If you are from Africa, it is difficult to find restaurants that serve African dishes. Your only option is to visit the African shops where you can get African foodstuffs.

Compared to Nigeria, the cost of getting items are way more expensive.  I don't blame the stores, they have to pay for shipping, rent, and they will have to make some profit.

For example, as at the time I lived in Nigeria (2016), a significant size of Bonvita sells for ₦2,800. In the Africa shop, it is sold for  €14, which the comparable in Naira as ₦5,865.27. 


The climatic condition in Nigeria is very different as compared to that of Italy.  
In my case, I was comparing winter in Italy to harmattan in Lagos, but I got the shock of my life.

I left Nigeria at the end of the rainy season. As at the time I took my flight, the temperature was exactly at 28°, on getting to Italy the temperature was around  7° with humidity in the air. 

Thank God my adorable father-in-law came with a jacket for me. 


Italian fashion might be something you don't fancy, which I bet will not last for long. I would recommend you buy some clothes from your country before you come in. While shopping for clothes, always put into consideration the different seasons. 

You can check Pinterest for different seasonal cloth inspiration.

The Italian cosmetic lines do not make provision for dark skin individuals. This has made it hard for shady skin individuals to find cosmetics that can work with their skin. I would suggest you get yourself some cosmetics that will cater to your skin. 

When you move into Italy, you can generally shop on the web. You'll need to pay for conveyance from different nations like the UK and France.  I realize they have an extensive line of cosmetics which accommodates people of color. This is something you need to manage. You can likewise make do of the African shop for cosmetics lines and their thing you may require. 


As an African, if you've left your country with the aim of studying further in Italy, I think you should think again or simply search for another country which you can alternatively survey in.

It will save you the time and energy invested into searching, applying, waiting for a response, and eventually starting a long process that does not guarantee your admission into an institution in Italy. 

Oh! You can undoubtedly get admission into a school in Italy after your previous qualification is devalued, and you are made to start from a level you've passed. 

The Italian educational system is very rigid, which makes absorbing students from other countries difficult or impossible. 

Depending on your nationality, if you are a degree holder with intent to further your studies; its either your certificate is devalued, or you have to take extra steps in getting into their educational system.

It is over the top expensive just so you know.


Italy is a Christianity based nation, if your religion states else, I think you simply need to practice at home. 

Alternatively, you might need to travel a long distance to access your religious altar.  

If you are a denominational person, you could have a hard time adapting. 

The official and most widespread denominational division in Italy is the Catholic church. 

In Italy, the Catholic church appears to have the most significant populace, and this is because 70% of Christian Italians go to the Catholic Church. 

When I got into Italy and settled for attending the Catholic church, I was told I needed to be baptized, considering we were planning our wedding. 

As a Christian, I had been baptized in Nigeria with my certificate at hand. However, my document was rejected as I was told that the certificate is not official. I guess because it wasn't from a Catholic church. I had to attend classes and did another baptism.


As a Nigerian, some things are thought to be disrespectful, awkward, or inappropriate.

You might find yourself doing these things in Italy because it is considered to be respectful, kind, and decent. 

For example, in our welcome style, in Nigerian, when welcoming an old individual, I would need to kneel or bow as a type of regard. At the point when in Italy, I wound up sharing kisses, handshakes, and embraces. 

Considering the way that  I have lived 26 years of my life in Nigeria, it was a great stun. 

How about the bidet? All things considered, each Italian family owns one. Growing up in Nigeria, I never knew about the bidet, yet in Italy, it is a significant thing. After using the toilet, you have to transfer yourself to the bidet to clean your butt.

As a Nigerian, I can eat a meal that involves rice beans, plantain, and meat in only one plate. Before you begin shouting, I eat in the correct quantity. 

This is still a nightmare. I can eat what I can eat, and I am not about the life of eating this much in only one sitting. By the way, you need to wash the dishes after everybody is finished eating except you are eating out. It's sort of unpleasant, and it is something I'm yet so like. 

As a Nigerian, for breakfast, I eat well. A plate of fried eggs, two slices of bread and a cup of hot beverage. 

In Italy, the word breakfast is brought to work. In the morning break, a couple of biscuits, and they push it down very fast with a cup of English tea. 

In some cases, a cup of hot beverage is enough for breakfast.

Expresso is a significant thing in Italy. You hardly find an Italian who is not addicted to coffee. Bars in Italy serve coffee, and you see people both old and young coming to grab themselves some. At least once to twice daily.

Trust me, there are lots of things you will find unusual. I hope you found this helpful.

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