Pontito is a fraction of the municipality of Pescia, in the province of Pistoia, Toscana (Tuscany).

It's time for another travel documentation. Today is all about Pontito in Italy.
Pontito is a small village of the region of Pescia, in the area of Pistoia, Toscana (Tuscany). 
It is an old village that raises its old stone houses in practically absolute isolation, roosted on a slope of 745 meters above ocean level. It is situated in the northernmost piece of this zone.  

Trademark and celebrated is its urban structure, got as per the qualities of the slope on which it has emerged. The village has a bell shape, whose lower part expands logically. 

More than likely, the roots of the nation are early medieval and make it one of the most seasoned focuses in the zone as old as a thousand years.   

From our home at the ocean, we needed to drive for two hours to get to the destination.  As a typical custom for me,  sleeping is all I do when I am road travelling, but this time was different.  I found myself super awake, the excellent views had their methods for pursuing sleep off me. 

Two minutes to touch base at our goal, my husband stopped the vehicle amidst no place. All I could see was a restricted street with enormous trees and brambles to one side and right. The sunbeam scarcely entered through as a result of the nearness of these trees.

He left the vehicle, asserting he needed to mark the region, lolz. Once he was done, he went after me, and as I left the car, the smell of various blooms inside the forested areas satisfied my nose. It was quiet to the point that you could hear just winged animals and the breeze discussion. We had a little family talk, took a few pictures, and, after that, proceeded to our goal.  

I can't share those photos because I don't find them flattering.

At entry into the village, we found no one except the flying creatures singing as they flew over the mountains. 

The smell of the old stones utilized in building the houses and short fences energized me. This made me progressively inquisitive to explore the village. 

My husband's mother is a native of Pontito. She lived with her parents and her older sister. As a young boy, my husband frequented Pontito to visit his grandparents. Revisiting the village brought back childhood memories for him. It also brought back old memories for my father-in-law, who visited Pontito often to be with the love of his life. 

Their constant visit to Pontito ended after the death of all the family members who lived in the village. The family house was sold, and there was no concrete reason or the opportunity to visit.

Revisiting pontito after more than 10 years after was emotional and therapeutic for my family. I was glad to be part of that moment. 

At the entrance of the village, we met a man who was super happy to see us. At first, it felt awkward, but I relaxed as I saw him give my husband a big hug. He happened to be a childhood friend of my husband. 

We have accompanied this young man to every spot in the village. We had a great time together as we walk on the ancient stones and listen to tails of the town from our guide.

After a long day in Pontito, it is normal that we needed to eat something. The only issue was that there were no restaurants in the village. This prompted us to visit a neighbouring town where we had some fantastic meals.

Altitude: 745  m

Inhabitants: 21

Prefix: 0572

Time zone: UTC + 1

Inhabitants Name:


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  16. My grandma and her family are also originally from Pontito. My familyname is Magnani- Pierini. My uncle, Franco, moved to the US years ago. He's a famous painter. My grandmother and her sister still have a house in Pontito (just behind the water- well/ pump). I don't now if your husband knows the family Lidia and Aurora Pierini, name of my father is Ilvo. Me and my family ares till going to Pontito. Not every year, but mostly once in 2-3 years. Recently my father, grandmother and her siter died. The ashes of my father (a bit) we've scattered in the back of the yard. A very emotional moment. I've tried several times to get in contact with people from Pontito, but's that hard. I've hope tho hear from you!